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An INTP's Crush

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What kind of people are you usually attracted to and how do you deal with it?

Is it the appearance or the personality that does it for an INTP?
Do first impressions count?
Are you the first to make a move or not and how do you act around the particular person? Do you withdraw even more or feel more open with him/her?

Any past events based on the question you would like to share...?
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I am curious, have any other INTP's eventually come to hate the people they had a crush on. It takes a long time to develop but I've found that I have come to hate my past crushes. They become enemies in my mind because they caused me to feel emotions I am not used to (which ultimately led to nothing).
Yes! Exactly for those reasons, too. They were the basis of an unfathomable virus of emotion in my brain that only managed to distract me and caused little to no happiness, only frustration, due to its stagnancy. Booo.
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lol this is probably why my INTP crush keeps saying "damn you!" after he acknowledges something he likes about me. I said relationships are just friends with benefits and he suggested enemies with benefits xD At first this confused the crap out of me, I kept thinking he was fucking with me, doesn't really like me and is just stringing me along.. but perhaps it really makes him feel too vulnerable (or just frustrated)? I didn't think I could have that sort of effect on him, and when we had an argument he said he wouldn't care if I walked out of his life. He then said it was a defense, but it made me wonder whether perhaps it's just easier for INTPs to detach from others and have a lower threshold for what they can tolerate as "unnecessary emotional baggage"? How quickly can you get over a crush and what would it take for you to do so?
...That is bizarrely similar to how I generally deal with having affections for someone. Bitterly, coldly, playfully sarcastic about emotion, etc.

It is definitely easier to just be detached from others, but once you're caught in the malestrom of infatuation it's just like a loop of metacognition - does not stop unless there's an immediate, realistic, PRESENT factor indicating futility (such as distance, situational inconveniences that lead to improbabilities, deliberate non-reciprocation, etc). There's an alarm in my brain: MUST NOT ENTERTAIN ROMANTIC THOUGHTS that is quieted by the forces of evil.
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