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Yeah, I know, this is the second blog in the same night, but I've been drinking, so whatever... I just felt the need to share...

Experience life. Go live it, take pictures, and experience it.

I've been to war twice. The first time I wish we had the digital picture capability that we have now. I would have captured a lot from the first Gulf war (Desert Shield/Desert Storm). The sand storm in the move "The Scorpion King" with the Rock is real - that's exactly what it looks like when it's heading your way, I've seen it first hand, and it stings.

I've done a lot of hikes, I've done a lot of biking. I've enjoyed traversing the White Sands national park - it's pretty cool, but you could actually get lost if you're not careful. I've rolled down the sand dunes of Silver lake and Sleeping Bear in Michigan. I've rode a horse on the Rocky Mountains, I've stood on Pike's Peak. I ate great salmon in Seattle, and spent far too much time in a restaurant on the pier in San Francisco. I've toured the Statue of Liberty three times, and been to Manhattan several more (go to Dizzy's Jazz Club - it's awesome). I've had great BBQ at Williamson Brothers in Kennesaw, GA, and received directions that included the big chicken. Been to Panama City, Florida over the 4th of July and attended a hurricane party at Spinnakers on the beach. I toured England with a good friend for two weeks, spent a week in Australia another in Shanghai, another two in Singapore, and a couple in Brazil. I've met a huge number of people, some I can't even remember anymore.

The point to all this - LIVE. Get out of your comfort zone, live a little. Whatever it is you've been dreaming about, go out and do it. You only live once and you'll be happier knowing that you rose to the challenge.

Did I feel awkward a lot, hell yes. Did I feel like I was the outsider, you bet. It doesn't f*ing matter, that feeling is totally inside you and not what others feel. While you're waging that war in your head (I know, it's in my head as well), others are just wondering which beer to get this time.

You may not connect with everyone - that's ok. I remember being out with two work friends and our mutual boss. The boss asked me some football question about some upcoming draft - I didn't fricken know, I don't care about football. I don't follow it, and I don't pretend to. I felt awkward as hell not having something to contribute, but f* it. It's not me. However, if he had wanted to talk about computers, I could talk for hours, and passionately. Either way, it didn't impact me at all, and I moved on.

In fact, I'm currently in a group that I don't think I've connected with at all (which may just be in my head), but it's not stopping me from doing a variety of things. I'm currently taking guitar lessons and working on getting my masters degree, on top of hitting the gym every day.

Do I need that along time to recharge - holy shit yes... I get so fricken exhausted, but it's all worth it.

I think it's better to have a reason to need to recharge than to not need to recharge at all.
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