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I don't claim to know how every function in the book works,but I think intuitives will just look at Congress, and have a sob fest,while Sensors will look at Congress,and see how to take advantage of principles in piecemeal, see how you can exploit divisions. Intuitives would never dream compromising on such moral issues as poverty. How could anyone do this,it's inhumane. I've read that intuitives are not the best at seeing the real world,while us Sensors are just in harmony with it. And when a Sensor says to an intuitive let's do it this way, an intuitive will get livid because there's no room for compromise. At least this is what I've noticed.

Just observing people in everyday life, I've noticed something interesting about the way in which sensors and intuitives respond to controversial topics. If the issue relates to common problems such as child discipline, relationships, or anything else that is people-related, intuitives seem to respond in a calm and objective manner, usually being able to resolve the conflict easily. Sensors on the other hand respond almost violently, guided completely by their emotions during the heat of the moment, and they usually end up making the situation worse than it was before. But this works both ways. When it comes to humanity-related matters such as global-warming, philosophy, genocide, and historical debates, it is the sensors who remain calm and objective, while the intuitives can hardly keep their act together. I may be entirely wrong, but it's just based on personal observation. Has anyone else noticed this?
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