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An ironic observation about sensors and intuitives

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Just observing people in everyday life, I've noticed something interesting about the way in which sensors and intuitives respond to controversial topics. If the issue relates to common problems such as child discipline, relationships, or anything else that is people-related, intuitives seem to respond in a calm and objective manner, usually being able to resolve the conflict easily. Sensors on the other hand respond almost violently, guided completely by their emotions during the heat of the moment, and they usually end up making the situation worse than it was before. But this works both ways. When it comes to humanity-related matters such as global-warming, philosophy, genocide, and historical debates, it is the sensors who remain calm and objective, while the intuitives can hardly keep their act together. I may be entirely wrong, but it's just based on personal observation. Has anyone else noticed this?
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I don't think it's related. My ISTJ father gets excited and loud whenever it comes to the stuff you said in which S's remain calm.
Either way it has to do more with one's interests.
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