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An MBTI like-dislike questionnaire ...

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Hi all,
I earlier posted a survey on this group. I received mails saying that the questions were a little weird and many in number. So I designed a new survey that has less questions.
Here is the link to it.
This website is hosted on Google.

The Survey
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Thanks for the input. I actually had designed it myself. I really did not think it this way, the third point was an eye-opener!
You can still give your input ... in case you have no experience in a particular option you can leave it as it is.
@Solitaire U
My intention was to gather the data based on ones interests. But as Aquc has mentioned above about some glitches in the system. I actually cannot update or correct the error he pointed, right away. It is actually my fault for not considering some points while designing this survey!

By the way thanks for your input!
@Aquc @Solitaire U

I have tried to address the issues that you pointed out. The site has been updated. Please have a look and re-enter your information.
Thanks !
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Thanks a lot! :)
If there is anybody who has not completed the survey he/she may have a look at it and complete it as per his/her convenience!
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