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Hı , I'm Intj , also married since a several years I met an estj sinse we met he was acting so close to me we were chatting for long time , he was saying every detail about his day even shame mistakes he done then he met a girl and said to me I will marry her it was OK to me because he was just a close friend but he start to treat me differently because his gf is jealous from me and also said (but there's no problem you are like my sister) but I got bothered because I missed my bf and I don't want shadows in my life so I stoped texting him but one day he texted me , I said (I'm sorry I can't deal with you when you gf became jelouse he sent to me you are gonna to get me out from your life 😦), I said( I'm getting out from your life but you will always be my best friend) . After he get married we was a Facebook friend and I blocked him totally .two years later I got a dream so i text him (I'm not gonna to text you again but I made anything wrong to you I hope if you can forgive me and let it go ) he replied (I forgive you but I get sad because of what you did ) I said( I don't want to be a load on you I hope you can understand me and if you don't understand I can explain to if you want) , he replied (I'm understanding you ).
I can't understand him at all why he is upset and while he understands me !
Why I'm feeling like there's something hidden I can't figure it !
I got shocked because he sent to me another add on facebook messager , rembering me lIke we had been talked yesterday and also saying he is upset while he didn't used to talk about his own emotions!
Can you plz help to understand this issue?
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