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I'm still unsure what my type is, and guys, I really appologize that I create too much of "Type me!" threads and you have to type me everytime.

Anyway, I'll just leave this text, and you type me based on it:

I like anime, it used to be my most inspirations, anime cartoons are so creative and have very good art style, hence why anime is my favorite cartoon, however ofcourse there are things that I hate in anime, like the over-sexualized stuff and commontly terrible cliche anime's like Naruto, one piece and Fairytail which are cancerous animes in my opinion.

And finaly I admit on something... thats very... emberassing. back in my eager momnets, I've used to run with my had on the back, which inspired me from anime, but now that I think about it, It's embarassing and stupid thing that I did.

I've discovered TVFilthyFrank WEEABOO's videos by watching Lost Pause's videos (The video when Noble reacted to TVFilthyFrank "WEEABOOS" video) I thought that he said that if you make anime art making you a weeaboo, hence it triggered and offended me, I was tryed to reason with people that making anime art does not make you a weeaboo.

I've rewatched his video then figured out he did not mention anything about making anime art means being weeaboo, so I found his video pretty much releatable and funny.

However that didnt end at that, I found alot of people just base thing purely on stereotypes and because of that, making complete asses of themselves, I've read countless comments saying "Anime sucks" which triggered me, because I know threy're saying that on the purpose to trigger people, hence I find their comments annoying.

There are also countless youtubers who try to copy TVFilthyFrank, but are just making complete asses of themselves.

FilthyFrank was logical behind the jokes he made about anime and weeaboos, he primaly focused on whats wrong with the community, and thus not making himself and complete ass, unlike others:
"Look at those people who are obsessed with anime, running with their hands on their back and using body pillows, they're a disaster!"

While other youtubers are like:
"Anime is SIN, 2 nukes on japan werent enough, anyone who watches anime needs to put on mental asylium!"
Techinaly they're being complete asses of themselves are are generaly offensive, and I find to be offended by those videos.

They think that japan and It's animes are the main problem and hence they forward to call anyone who dare to like anime as a weeaboo.

I get offended since I like anime and because of that people think that I'm a weeaboo even though I'm not.

I like anime, and I think all those miss-pointed videos are untrue and dont make any sense.

Also to add more things about myself:
People said once that I Played the "Victim card", which I assume that I was making myself the victim, and only noticed after being told that, which I assume It's emotional manipulation, I think.

When I get angry and starting tartum, like throwing things and punching things out of anger, and then the teacher asks me "Calm down what the hell happened?" I tend to not respond and be quiet for a very long time untill I calm down.
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