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and antidepressants

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Hello everyone,

I've been battling depression for years now and I think i'm finally going to give in and start taking meds for it. I just want to know how it affects other ENTPs that deal with depression. Do the antidepressants stifle your creativity? Do you actually feel happier or just plain blah. Do you become *gulp* an SJ?
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I am not sure if MBTI type has a correlation with how medication would influence you, but here is record of my own experiences with them. The first one I took for a couple of months just made me flatline. I wasn't feeling good, I wasn't feeling bad, all my feelings were boxed into this very narrow range and I had zero motivation to do anything. My then bf said they reduced my creativity and he really didn't like it when I was on them because my responses to everything were just really flat. Due to being unable to make myself do any homework or pass any tests I had to stop taking them. Second type of pill didn't do anything for me except give me occasional sharp headaches so was dropped after a few weeks. That's all experience I've had so far.

So my opinion on antidepressants ...
- They can provide that temporary peace of mind that you just might need to get over your problems. When I was drinking the first type of pill I became more open to certain possibilities to which I wasn't open before. This ultimately changed my life in a positive way. In altered state of mind you can find yourself viewing/doing some things differently and thus being able to break yourself out of the rut you are in, but no guarantee of this happening.
- I think most people need to try several different pills. I knew one girl who went through about 5 or 6 different medications before she found the right one for her. I tried 2 and neither really worked for me.
- Side effects can be nasty. Some very small percentage of people gets suicidal when drinking antidepressants. Then there may be headaches, nosebleeds, increase in hours you need to sleep, lack of libido, etc. And these are just short-term effects. A lot of this kind of medication has not been tested long-term on people so long-term effects from prolonged usage are unknown.
- Ultimately one needs to learn to "get high on your own supply" like in that Apollo 440 song. There is just no way around it. This is so before you go on pills and will be so after you go off them. The only reason I see to take antidepressants is like I mentioned they may alter your state of mind just enough for you to get over whatever was causing you to be depressed in the first place.
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