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And the new INTP goes 'Oi'!

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...Despite being entirely an American bred Canadia-dweller and having an odd relationship with these personality tests in the first place, so not really. See, I'd always hop onto similarminds and enjoy a long bout of inner-searching, memories, and gut feeling as I came to find a few things about myself through what I agreed with and disagreed with in my results. I mainly enjoyed the sitemaster's writings about narcissism.

However, come Career Prep and what would be two retakes of said course I found myself disliking these aptitude and personality tests because:

A) The tests were too short or vague.

B) The idea or possibility of formal introduction into future institutions with four letters and a few numbers seemed terrifying and, while implausible, was a paranoid thought that buzzed around in my head. I just really didn't like answering vague semi-personal questions and having to give the results to a teacher.

C) The school tests seemed to always be marinated in dropout-paranoid misanthropic hatred.

Anyways I rarely deviate from INTP type and if I do it winds up as ISTP. I always got lower N scored than the rest though so I guess that wouldn't be too surprising of a deviation. Honestly, I know little about the Myers-Briggs tests in particular and came to learn a bit about it's uses and workings.

So... Hey.
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