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Hey guys,

Here are all the announcements about the changes to the site:

(these were all my idea and I was the one who wrote them all up)

We are getting rid of Member of the Month:
First I want to say thank you to the lovely news staff for conducting the interviews and really bringing out members' personalities over the years.

I regret to inform you that we are closing Member of the Month because it promotes popularity and competition in what should be a team based environment where members can freely share their personality.

Even then if you are selected you are put in the "spotlight" and since the majority of users are introverts many turn it down or cry.

And to add on top of that you are given a new post rank and we have seen in the past with people that do go through with all of this, they get a massive pride and ego boost and go around belittling other users.

We have no plans to bring this back, but we hope you understand.

Here you can see the other efforts by PC to make the place more PC:

We are no longer allowing new members to join:
Hey guys,

First I want to say that it's the forum has a great 10 years and that the members that we have have been wonderful for the most part.

Unfortunately however, because we have been so popular the database is getting clogged. We can't just simply delete the older stuff because it's linked to other sites and that generates traffic for us. So we have no option but to close off PerC.

For more information as to how this will affect the other areas of the site as well as how to cope with no longer using vowels to save space, follow the link:

Why we are getting rid of typing people:
Hey guys,

Due to issues in the past we had to create the unsolicited typing rule. Normally that would not have been of any concern, but it has come to mod team's attention that we'll no longer be able to tell who has ill intent and who doesn't.

For obvious reasons, it's a problem because if people are getting typed by other people the wrong way, then they might think that they are that type and continue posting on the forum influencing other people this poor information and skewing typology further and further away from the original intent and meaning.

I want to thank the members who were acting in good faith and genuinely helping members to find their personality type

Please see here for other areas where the site is affected by new rules:

We are getting rid of the MBTI section.:
Hey guys,

After a long discussion with the mods we've come to the decision to close down the MBTI areas of our site.

This is due largely because of the NF's (more specifically the Infx's). They've created more threads than the rest of the Mbti types combined and with over 9 million posts on the site we are sorely in need of finding ways to limit space. To this extent we have already closed of the site so you can no longer join, stored all of your account data (username, password, email, birthday, ip, ect) on a publicly accessible google doc.

Unfortunately this wasn't enough and now we have to close down the MBTI areas of the site, we hope you understand and we want to thank you for all the time you've spent with us.

For more information on how this affects the site click here:

We are getting rid of the Socionics section.:

We're removing this section because no one cares about socionics and it never was that popular. Instead we'll be opening up a BIG 5 forum in the hopes that it will be more popular baised on google trend data:,/m/04q12g

We are also removing other sections that aren't popular including the MBTI area. For the full announcement see this:

We are CLOSING the Enneagram Section:

Hey guys,

As all or most of you know the Enneagram has had it's fair share of troubles over the years and continues to have problems to this day that cause the moderators no end of grief.

When a report come in from this action we always see a bazillion gillion posts with a crap ton of words that take years to read through.

We just can not go on like this for little benefit of allowing people to type by numbers, so as of tomorrow any and all Enneagram talk will be INFRACTED and lead to BANS.

We hope you understand.

For more details as well as the full announcement click here:

The Generation forums are getting shut down:

Due to various complaints from both young and old members on the board we are removing the generations area due to it promoting ageism (discrimination between different age groups).

Since we believe firmly in the equality of all ages and that there is absolutely no difference between people of different ages and there is nothing to be gained from such interactions, we see it necessary to close down this section of the site.

Thank you for your understanding.

To see other areas of the site we are changing in order to make PC more PC please see the full announcement here:

Removing the Trends area:
You know why, this entire place is just memes and has been for a couple years.

One does not simply have an area of the forum this useless.

We are also removing other areas of the site which you can see here:
We need to DELETE the Art section / We are DELETING the Book/Music/Movie section.
Hey guys,

We got word from the U.S. Copyright Office that this section of the site violates the United States Code: 17 USC § 1201

As such we need to delete the section and to run database commands to purge any and all quotes/references to this section or we will no longer be able to operate in the United States.

Please see the for more information on other ares of the site that are going to be deleted as well as the full announcement:


We've been getting complaints about how debate is not fun and people are butt-hurt when they enter the this section.

In an effort to make PC PC we are enacting new rules on the forum effective immediately:

~You can NEVER tell another person their opinion is wrong.
~You can NEVER tell another person they are using logical fallacies.
~You can NEVER have an opinion that is different from someone else's.
~You can NEVER talk about politics.
~You can NEVER tell another person they are using logical fallacies.
~You can NEVER refer to a person by him/her, he/she, it/they/them or by using any combination of their name. (I recommend not referring to people at all.)
~You MUST use 9's where there should be g's.
~IF you somehow mana9e to win a debate the other person wins too.

We thank you for your understandin9 in makein9 PC PC.

For more information on this, click here:

We are getting rid of S&R:
Hey guys,

It has been brought to our attention that this area of the site violates 2 parts in the United States Code: 6 USC § 485 and 47 USC § 1202. Which pretty much details the age for off/online communications between minors and adults. Subsequently, if we are to continue operating in the United States we have top close down this section as we do not have the capabilities on our end to enact a barrier limiting access to users under 18 nor can we raise the age to join from 13 to 18 because that would phase out several members as well as limit the pool of newcomers significantly and severally hurt the site.

We hope you understand and we are sorry but our hands are tied here.

There are other areas of the site that the law impacted and you can read more about that here:

CLOSING Spam World

After years of investigation by various moderators it was discovered the spam world breaks all of the rules of the site.

We decided to be merciful and not to ban everybody involved (excluding the mods and Wellsy of course) and instead close down SW.

Thank you for understanding. The full list of changes to the site can be found here:

We are Getting rid of PerC Staff
Hey guys,

As we all know mods are not to be trusted. They operate in secrecy and don't allow private information out into the public when transparency should be their top priority.

To this sense we are making any new information in the staff lounge PUBLIC so that we can see that they are all socialist anti-fa communist scumbags who promote the patriarchy and sole goal in life is to inflate their massive egos by banning any and all who dare oppose them whilst they stuff their pockets with ad revenue circle-jerking each-other.

To see what else we are getting rid of see the full announcement here:

No longer sanctioning Mafia games.
The Mafia section takes a huge toll on the site with threads that can reach thousands of post regularly.

Our focus has always been Personality biased and will continue to remain so.

Along with this, because mafia is a game with clear winners and losers it defeats the idea of a team biased environment which PerC strives for, where everyone is on the same playing field and absolutely no one is different or has different ways of thinking. :)

Thank you for your understanding.

To see the full announcement about the changes to the site, click here:

Closing the Advice Section

Unfortunately we have to close down the advice center.

Due to reverse Psychology the few amount of people that do have problems go to the advice center and cause other member to have those same problems.

From now on we ask users to adopt the mentality of "Pick yourself up by the bootstraps" and help yourself. Try reading one of the _____ For DUMMIES books.

For the full announcement click here:

Closing down Support/Suggestions
Hey guys,

We all know complaining with mods is just a waste of time and your suggestions will never be headed or even considered.

Really nothing you already didn't know.

For full list of changes click here:

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Just joined at the weirdest time... even my first post was asking people what type they think what my type is. However, I can understand where you're coming from and rules are rules, first and foremost. Although, I'm still having so much trouble figuring out my type. I wonder what the future of this site could be after all these rule changes.

EDIT: Whelp, I'm an idiot, lol. Awesome post! xD

Wielding the mafia banhammer
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Maybe can have a town read for now. :happy:

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@Maybe You listed changes to the site format, but never listed the end format. What's the comprehensive list of rules and sub-forums listing?

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Lol i thought for a time this was serious.... but than everything got almost deleted...

I thought the board didn't like infx's... lol because we spam so much.
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