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Another annoying INTP or INFP

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HELP! INTP or INFP in need of your insight and analysis

Other option is INTJ, but INFP/INTP is far more likely

I am definitely an introvert.
Definitely slight/medium preference for 'abstract thinking'.

The problem is that I sometimes (often) turned out to be an INFP.

P quite certain. I dislike vacuum cleaning and all sorts of struggle of Sisyphus. I don't pay much attention to how I look. I am absent-minded. I lack motivation. When I finish stuff before deadline, I do it to get rid of it, because I hate deadlines (though they are necessary). My motivation for the most of the work is just to be done with it and slack off. For a cozy and relaxed life-style.

I dislike irrational and too touchy-feely people. I dislike people who yell and make drama. I dislike negative stimuli and maliciousness. I despise violent people. Otherwise, most things don't get me excited. However, I have some principles and values that when violated, enrage me...I fall in fire.
I do find some of those values are somehow inherent, yet I analyzed their connection to reality and found it to be very grounded, then sort of redefined it and 'fine-tuned' it. And then put to words.

People say that I am rational and realist. But I don't express my idealistic side to anyone as I find that it has no place in this rotten world. I have kinda a world of my own. I am fond of good art. Without art, life would be mistake. Art is beautiful, deep, meaningful and gives a mean of expressing individuality and spectrum of being. Apart from science it's the only true transcendent aspect of accomplishment of individual being.

I am not too much into science, though I approve of science. Superior is digital, human flesh so trivial. I am prone to cold logic when analyzing people. I emphasize with some using Fi, yet others don't 'deserve' it. Most social norms are laughable. Both from F and T perspective mankind is a disaster (not a mess, but a disaster).
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You could be an INTJ. I can see an INTJ acting like a perceiver if they see the pointless futility of vacuum cleaning and mowing the lawn.
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