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First of all, I am not enjoying this intro part, but I am doing it anyway.

I am Darcy, 16 years old, and a female INTP.
I am interested in many things , but I am not too good at 'em. (Which I guess is, usual among INTPs) though I like reading, and writing the most.
So, let's not talk, about my history or life as a teen INTP girl, because it's kindda similar to the ones of the other INTPs.
I have known that I am an INTP after taking many MBTI tests online , many times, for around a year. (Just to make sure my moods and surrounding won't effect the result). And after reading the detailed description of INTPs, it did fit me perfectly.

So, yeah. I have joined P.C after figuring out it was a friendly enough community for me.
I don't know any other INTPs, so I am really interested in meeting others. Not that other types aren't welcomed .

Thank you for reading that . (-^.^-).v

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