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@Turi I'm interested in your typing for me, come here. I want everyone else to type me too, though.

I didn't like anything in section 1, so I didn't answer it.

Section 2.

Describe your verbal communication skills, your written communication skills, and your body language.
Feel free to go in-depth. If possible, detail your natural communication and body language preferences in various circumstances - with friends, with strangers, at work, in one-on-one situations, in group situations, personal, impersonal, that kind of thing. If anything irritates you about how others communicate, talk about that too.
The more information, the better.

I have great written communication skills, always have for whatever reason. Most of what you’ll read here was written through quickly, and without any rewrites. For verbal communication, I also tend to be good. I suck at telling stories because I always forget to mention important background and have to go back and tell it, lol. For the most part though, I’m verbally great; I tend to stop and think contemplatively rather than stuttering/”Um”-ing in order to get my thoughts together, and I think that helps get my points across.

I’ve had people tell me I have pretty masculine body language. I’m very obviously a woman and anyone who actually looks at me can clearly tell that, but I’ve had people see me out of their peripheral vision and tell me they thought I was a guy because of how I was standing. When I’m talking to someone one-on-one and I’m in a good mood, I make sure they feel like they’re the center of my universe for that moment. It’s fully intentional. People absolutely revel in that, and it’s cute to see them open up faster that way. Deep eye contact, listening to their words and asking for more information in a warm tone, laughing/smiling even if they’re not funny, etc. If I’m in a bad mood, I can be really short though. My moods dictate my life.

I also talk with my hands a lot and I’m expressive as hell without being able to do anything about it. I tend to laugh really loud and I have a big smile any time that I’m happy. Bitchface when I’m mad. You get it.

I don’t get irritated at how others communicate, mostly I just make notes of their interesting quirks.
Oh, and I like to fuck with people sometimes. Not in a “I’m gonna gaslight you until you don’t believe in your own existence anymore” way, but more like a “I find you interesting so I’m going to throw some new variables into our interactions and see how you react” sort of way. I like to push buttons, but I know when to stop.

How do you prefer to make decisions, solve problems and/or puzzles?
Run us through your entire process - use specific examples, if possible - some ideas for your answer -
what questions do you ask yourself, if any? What goes through your mind? What do you take into account? What could alter your decisions? Are you comfortable with making a decision and settling on it? Do you like being able to change your decisions, after you've made them?

I don’t prefer to solve problems/puzzles. If I’m making a decision, I generally make it impulsively based upon what I feel is best. Usually my decisions are made quickly, and I don’t like going back on them.
When it comes to huge decisions (bills/apartments/adulting/etc) I’ll have someone else that I trust do it if I humanly can. Seriously fuck that shit. When it comes to where we’re going out to eat or what we’re doing for fun, I almost always want to make the decisions though.

Detail some things that piss you off - stress triggers - feel free to explain the reasons why these things irritate you - I don't want to hear about mild irritations - I want to hear about things that simply make your blood boil, or make you want to take action to alter the situation - things that make you want to leave an environment, things that make you dislike someone, things that truly get to you as a person and grate on every fiber of your being.

When someone misunderstands who I am. One that I get a lot is when people assume I have ulterior motives on the stupidest shit, or that I’m more scheming than I really am. I remember one time I was with two friends and one of them did something (I don’t even remember what it was now) that they apologized to me for immediately after. I said it was fine, and he looked at me concerned or something. So I said something along the lines of “what’s up, I’m not looking at you passive aggressively or anything” and he and the other friend agreed that “ do that a lot”. I had absolutely no idea what they both meant but the fact that these two people somehow simultaneously didn’t get me really threw me off. I’ve had other times where singular friends have said that I’m one way or another (trying to manipulate them, usually) when I don’t feel like I really am. Those moments can be really frustrating.

Another one is when someone makes me look weak, I really hate that. I want to be seen as someone who can be relied on, and I do everything in my power to come through for people. I often hide my stormy emotions for people to look strong for them in tough times, even if it kills me inside. When someone pulls that stability out from under me by being an asshole in a way I can’t deflect or by mentioning some vulnerability that was supposed to be between us in public, it sincerely pisses me off. That’ll make me corner the person later.

Another thing that pisses me off is when people make decisions regarding me behind my back/talk about me behind my back in a way where they’re figuring something out without me. I don’t know what my issue with that is, but it definitely irritates the fuck out of me when I hear about it later. Secret communication really can tick me off if I feel like I should be involved, but it’s highly situational and I haven’t figured out the pattern yet.

What are the strongest parts of your personality? The best traits about yourself.

I’m extremely headstrong. If I make a decision to do something, I’m doing it and you’d have better luck beating an orca to death with your bare hands in the ocean than you would talking me out of it. I’ve accomplished pretty well all of my serious goals in life, or I’m on the road to it. I can also be really funny, entertaining, uplifting, and genuine. I have an ability to uplift people who have lived entire lives of depression and I’ve even had multiple people tell me that being close to me has “cured” their depression or “changed the way they see the world”.

What is one specific trait that you value in others, yet simply do not possess yourself - though, if you were to work on it, it would really balance out your personality?

Logical strategery (lmao). The end. I don’t like it, I don’t do it. It’s the glaring weakness. Fuck it, I just find people who are good at it and hang around them. I purposefully make trustworthy friends who are good at it and like it and then throw my logical problems at them to solve.

What are the differences between how others see you, and how you see yourself?
Feel free to elaborate and explain the reasoning.

I see myself through others’ eyes, I feel. A lot of my self-perception comes from whatever image feedback I’m getting. Of course, we can never see ourselves as others can – but I feel like I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it.

Section 3.

What is a perfect day to you?

Absolutely has to start with getting up early. The earlier the better, 5am is best. Chances are I won't actually do it when my alarm goes off, but when I do my day inevitably starts off better because I just have so much time to do shit. When I get up, I need to get ready early and have my coffee. Then maybe I get some schoolwork done in a new environment - key is that it has to be a new environment. A different coffee shop or something. Adds some excitement to my day that always leaves me feeling better after. Next I'd get some pretty intense physical activity in early, maybe Muay Thai before 10am. Go home, stretch, recover for a bit - then I'd want to spend the rest of my day with that feeling of accomplishment and just relaxing doing whatever suits me. That could be going somewhere with friends, video games, reading, anything I feel like. I love the feeling of free time after having gotten my work done early. In summary, I love to get my accomplishments done early and revel in the freedom after.

What is a perfect night to you?

Relaxing at home after having gotten something done during the day. I love indulging in scary stuff, like video games or books that make me feel jumpy. Another example of a perfect night could be having an insanely fun time with some of my favorite people. Freedom, once again.

What is your idea of a perfect world?

A diverse one where people offer their ideas and willingly listen to others'. The key is that people mind their own goddamn business and focus on fixing themselves first. Also that people can openly be themselves; I love seeing diversity in people, and I feel that a lot of it is squelched in some way or another.

What is your idea of hell on earth?

I don't believe in hell on earth. I firmly don't believe that you can really be forced to be unhappy. The real hell, in my opinion, is what's going on inside someone's head. If a person is depressed, I think a large part of that is that they've simply fallen into unhealthy thought patterns for whatever reason - it's not that the world around them necessarily sucks that bad(ly, lol).

Section 4.

Are you, most of the time, acutely aware of the people, things and events occurring in your immediate surroundings?

Actually, not necessarily. I tend to get "in the zone". I almost hyper-focus on one thing at a time. This can actually make people think I'm not in tune with my environment at times, or make me look like a ditz because I missed something that everyone else didn't. I also hardly ever anticipate what's going to happen next because I'll get so focused on something that's unfolding right now (I think this is largely what can make me come off as "ditzy" to others). It's not that I can't anticipate it, it's just that I have some sort of mechanism to keep my mind as completely clear as possible for whatever reason. I've learned that anticipation is a large part of perception, though.

Do you find yourself engaging in the sounds, colours, textures, scents and tastes of your environment - i.e, enjoying what you are currently experiencing, most of the time?

Very frequently, yes, but it's not this constant mode where I'm walking around high as a kite internally losing my shit over how wonderful everything is. I definitely like to sit back and enjoy pleasant feelings frequently. Maybe this is irrelevant, but I'm a lexical-gustatory synesthete (words have tastes), so listening to certain people talk can really give me an experience. Like if I'm hearing someone talk for the first time and they have some very distinct mannerisms in their pronunciation, it can add certain flavors to their trains of speech and I'll kind of lose myself in it for a minute.

I also like really intense sensory experiences. I love to exhaust myself, completely and utterly lose myself in something because it's just so demanding. Sometimes it's almost impossible to do, I really have to be working at it. But martial arts, play-fighting with people, and mountain biking can do the trick. I'm extremely physical too, I love social interactions with physical aspects to them.

Do you seek common ground, when faced with new situations - thoughts like "this is like _____" or "this is similar to _____" - something that will stabilise the current situation and turn it into something more comfortable for you?

Not one bit. When I go into something new, I'm taking it all in as it is. Like I mentioned in the last question (I think), I keep my mind clear at all times. Especially if it's a challenging/intimidating new situation, I'm going in with as clear of a mind as possible and taking in all of the details that I possibly can without making any assumptions. If I need help with the situation, I'll ask the nearest person without even hesitating. By keeping my mind clear, I feel that I'm able to think extremely fast if I need to. With no pre-made assumptions, I can change my approach on a dime if need be, and if I keep my head clear without thinking too much, it keeps my emotions from getting in the way of fast adaptation.

Do you find you have a strong sense for how things 'should be', even when faced with something unfamiliar?

This doesn't resonate with me at all, I'm not even sure how to answer it. For the most part, from what I understand of myself, if something is unfamiliar, I simply give it my attention and understand it for what it is.

Do you actively engage in promoting a harmonious atmosphere - be honest with yourself, this includes being a conflict-averse introvert.

I definitely do, but I'm not averse to conflict in the way it’s typically thought of. Sometimes I even crave conflict in a certain way. I'm highly sensitive to how people are feeling around me, and if I: 1) like the people around me, 2) detect that they're sensitive, or 3) am good friends with them, I'll do things to make them feel as secure as possible. That can include calling other, less friendly people out on their shit if they’re bothering one of my little fams. Depending on how close I am to someone, their mood can completely throw me for a loop. It's not that I'm particularly empathetic even, but if a really close friend is super pissed off, I'll get dragged into it somehow. I generally just have a very good sense of the emotional "temperature" in a room, and I've noticed I also have a HUGE effect on it too. For example, I've noticed that when I'm really pissed it'll completely silence a room even if I'm trying to be low-key about it. The same thing happens when I'm really happy, I'll pull other people into it with me whether I try to or not. I do like that I have the ability to do that, but it’s frustrating when I’m pissed off and I can’t help but worry everyone around me. When I get pissed I can often see people’s expressions change from happy-go-lucky to “oh shit”, and that always kinda sucks.

Do you actively seek to connect with other people, and do you make use of social niceties in order to interact with people more smoothly - to make them feel validated, accepted, comfortable? - this includes regular use of "please", "thank you", etc.. general social niceties.

With people I don't know well, I naturally adhere to social niceties especially if I feel like the person I'm interacting with is "soft". By "soft", I mean that if I don't smooth myself out for them, I'll scare or offend them. I have an extremely good sense of who can "handle it" and who can't. If I'm with someone that I can tell has a strong backbone or likes rough treatment, I'd prefer to do that. I like connecting to certain other people, namely those people who can handle rough treatment, LOL. I tend not to want to connect to just any random person that I see; there're certain people who catch my eye. When someone catches my eye, I love going after them.

In general though, I'm very gentle with people. I almost always know when they're feeling nervous or sad or angry, and I try to make them feel validated and okay (though I suck at comforting people at times). I've found that the way I can be most helpful to people is just maintain a steady, calming presence, and be decisive so that they can feel like they have something to "hold onto", so to speak.

Do you find yourself not being dependent on agreement and harmony around you, as long as the current situation doesn't impact on your own personal inner balance?
An example of this might be if you are doing something, and people are arguing in the same room - are you able to remain yourself, or will it affect your inner balance in a noticeable way?

Hm. For the argument example, if I don't know the people, I can usually tune it out and generally won’t care so long as I have my music or something, lol. But if it's my group and they're really angry at each other, I have an instinct to try to smooth it out and make sure everyone is accounted for and okay emotionally. I naturally act as a buffer for those situations. I have an instinct to maintain the peace, in that way. I’ll naturally step up and mediate, it almost feels like it’s my responsibility when I’m with my group(s).

Do you try to win others over to your point of view, in debates, arguments or just chit-chat in general?
I.e seeking agreement from the other person. Have a real think about this question, and be honest with yourself.

No. I don't think I ever debate with the goal of trying to change someone's view. I dislike debates where the other person gets way too invested because I don't usually get too emotionally invested in debates, and it can be irritating when the other person does. For me, debates are more exploratory exercises. Seeing what they think, how they tick, why, etc. I can get pissed off if I feel like someone is treading on my emotional territory with their views.

I can tend to get in arguments (non-academic day-to-day disagreements) a lot with certain close friends but I'm good at finding resolution quickly, mostly through keeping a level head and just letting them feel like I'm listening. When I resolve something, it's usually over and we forget about it. With other close friends, we just never get into disagreements because I make sure to hear them out and let them know that they're understood. I don't need to feel like I've changed them over to my view, for the most part I just want them to keep theirs.

You just read that a local vacuum company just went bankrupt.
What your thoughts - feel free to expand and explore your thoughts and ideas as much as you like here. Please don't say "who cares?". Just do it.

I would have written "what the fuck do I do with this" if you hadn't told me not to give a response like that. I guess it depends on the context. When it comes to stuff like this, I rarely have an opinion. I don't even note it for later. I feel like I could go off on a rant about the causes and repercussions but it would just feel like a waste to me. I can totally see how that information could lead to someone having certain ideas about starting a company or analyzing the situation for any collateral areas they could make a profit from but just, ew. Moving on.

Do you comfortably juggle multiple possible options in your mind, when problem solving? Do you find yourself exploring each of them - entertaining any possibilities that may arise from them, and enjoy envisioning scenarios where these might play out?

Well for one, I am NOT a logical problem solver. I would much rather be handed a solution and just carry it out. But if, for whatever reason, I am tasked with solving a problem, I pretty quickly seem to come to a good solution on my own without much thought. I don't juggle possibilities that I feel are irrelevant, and I'll quickly discount certain ones. If I'm working in a team, I'll draw from other peoples' ideas and try to formulate a coherent plan that works well from those. My strengths lie more in implementing solutions than coming up with them, though.

Do you find you are impatient with regards to efficiency? Again, consider this also at a smaller scale - for example, do you prefer to rush through whatever chores that need to be done, so they're out the way?

Not at all. I've noticed I have friends who balk/get frustrated when something's even slightly inefficient (a particular INTJ especially, LOL) and I just find it hilarious. Pretty much when I come to these things, I just bulldoze through them. I usually am thorough with things like chores, but the inefficiency posed by needing to clean something doesn't bother me. I just do it. I almost start the task before I can even think about inefficiencies of the situation.

Do you have a tendency to organize the world around you? Is it important for you to be in an orderly environment?
This might manifest as a preference for predictability - consider these questions on a smaller scale than what might be in your mind - i.e. is it important that the knifes go in the knifes slot, that the Nintendo games go where the Nintendo games go, etc..

No. I go through life in a stormy blaze of fucking up everything I touch. That sounds dramatic, but it's pretty bad. I’m messy as hell. Like I said, inefficiencies don’t bother me, and that can include everything being where it’s not supposed to be. I’ll eventually sort everything out once I spontaneously decide enough is enough, and just clean everything without hesitation.

Do you find yourself taking over certain tasks because you know you can do it quicker?
This might be as mundane as telling your partner or friend, that you'll do the dishes - because you know they'll take forever and it's just 'better' for you to do it, and smash 'em out ASAP so they're done.

Sometimes, yes. Especially if one of my friends is losing their shit over something that I could easily finish up, I'll get it over with for them. It tends not to be about doing it "better" though. I don't usually feel like I can do something better than someone else, or if I do, I tend not to get frustrated about it. It's more about relieving some pain for someone who's more anxious/stressed about it than I am.

Is it important for you to define things in your head?
This might manifest as googling words you've unfamiliar with so you actually know for sure what you're reading, or it might manifest as a preference to completely understand something to the point you can explain it to others in a simplified manner - born out of the precise definitions you've crafted in your mind.

Sometimes, yeah. I like to know what a word means before proceeding with a reading, for example. I love to teach as well, and I tend to put a lot of emphasis on strengthening and solidifying my mastery of a subject before I teach people. I believe a solid foundation is important, but beyond that I don't stress too much. I'm not one of those people that spends a significant amount of time hammering out incoherences in my thought processes. Sometimes I'll even get called out on an incoherence that I perceive as irrelevant and think "who fucking cares".

Is it of high importance to you, to understand all of the pieces of a puzzle.. or all of the information you're given, before coming to a decision or a conclusion about anything?
This might manifest as a tendency to hesitate when coming to conclusions or decisions as you don't feel you fully defined, or understood, all relevant information yet.

Yes. I don't make assumptions until I have a strong foundation. It depends on how much the conclusion/decision matters, though. Say it's some biochemistry principle that I feel like I've put enough pieces together to understand but don't have the complete picture for yet - I'll just go with it until something proves me wrong, because it's easier that way. If I come across something that defies my understanding, I'll then go back and change it. The only time I'm like that, though, tends to be with school. For the most part, I chill and don't come to hasty conclusions.

Section 5.

Choose 5 images that strike you as meaningful in some way, from wherever you like, and post them up.
This is for visual typists to go to town on.

I dislike this kind of stuff. I often see people on this forum post pictures that they see meaning in, and while I can usually interpret the meaning in them, I see no point. I just like things that are pretty. But here:
Actually never mind, fuck this. I’ve given you guys enough.

5,331 Posts
I think you might be an ESTP rather than an ESFP, although you appear friendly enough and actually slightly disagreed with the question that was directly related to being an Se dominant, the rest of your responses are very Se, and dominant Se is very clear.

Interesting to note is that the questions relating to Ni and Ne were practically avoided entirely, almost completely dodging the question so it's safe to assume the intuitive functions aren't your forte.

The last two questions of Section 4 are directly related to Ti, and the way you've responded to them shows Ti is likely your preferred Ji function to pair with the dominant Se.

To me, you clearly prefer Fe over Fi - in Section 4, questions 5 and 6 are relating to Fe, with questions 7 and 8 relating to Fi.

From this, I feel I can comfortably deduce you prefer the Ti-Fe axis, and you're definitely a dominant Se type, it just shines clean through everything you've posted up here.
So I would suggest ESTP as the most likely possibility.

Not to mention the body language thing and coming across as a little more manly to some people - this coincides with my own experience with ESTPs, I don't know whether it's Ti, or a complete coincidence - but the ESTP women I know are similar, they're sort of 'tougher' or at least have that vibe to them, and they can be a little more aggressive.

To compare, I only know 2 ESFPs and they're both very much 'feminine', with regards to their body language.

So yeah, that's my 2c.
Something to consider?
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Bump again so I can get input from people other than Turi
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