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1. Is there anything that may affect the way you answer the questions? For example, a stressful time, mental illness, medications, special life circumstances? Other useful information includes sex, age, and current state of mind.
I don't particularly think so. I am in a new relationship with a (seemingly) ISTJ. Recently was very stressed over a car accident (my fault), but everything has fallen into place and I am no longer concerned about it. I am 20 years old, I have lady bits and I am in a pretty relaxed state of mind. Just sitting in my boyfriend's basement, taking a break from working on my homework.

2. What type(s) do you usually score as on tests?
I test as all different types. When I take the official MBTI I usually get INTP or INTJ (the J/P dichotomy is very close as well as the S/N dichotomy). It is pretty standard for me to get high on thinking and fairly high on introversion. I /think/ that I use Ti/Fe and Ni/Se, but I could be wrong. Functions all seem too subjective to me and I can't really pin point exactly what is what in myself. When taking John's Personality Test I often get ESTP, and once I got 40% ESFP. I usually score as extroverted on that one particular test. I recently scored as RCUEN on the big5 test, which I think usually corresponds to ISTP.

3. Click on this link: Flickr: Explore! Choose 2 photos and look at each for as long as you feel that you need. Copy and paste the photos here (or write the link like example:
f1.4 Blurred Cloudscape | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I quite enjoy this first photo.. The blurring is quite pleasant and the sky looks delightful; I really enjoy how the clouds look. The contrast between the houses on the right and the large building on the left cause a rather interesting look, having the trees separating the two areas is quite interesting. The blurring of the forefront trees is a little distracting and takes away from the overall image, in my opinion.

Autumn Palette (Explore 10/5/13) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Now this photo is more to my taste. I really enjoy the colours and how beautiful Seattle looks. The sky looks even more beautiful in this image, almost breathtaking. The green flag randomly standing looks out of place to me, it doesn't seem to match the impression and colours of the rest of the photo. Unlike the last picture, the trees in the foreground definitely do not take away from the image; to me they add a level of depth that is quite pleasant. The mountains in the background also add a nice element of depth to the photograph. Overall, this is a very pleasing photograph.

4. You are on the clock to fix something, a friend of yours sits beside you and gives a lot of interesting ideas, none of them actually help or are related to your situation, but they are still something you find interesting. What is your reaction? What do you say? What do you do? What's your train of thought?
If I am on the clock, I am assuming that I need to get this done as soon as possible. Most likely I am simply entertaining my friend, but in reality I want to get going with what I need to actually get fixed. My internal monologue will probably dance around wanting them to hurry up with what they are saying and thinking about how I need to get back to work. Unless I am at a standstill and can't figure out /what/ I need to do to fix this mystery object, then I am going to get quietly irritated that they wont leave and let me get to my work. Likely, after an undetermined amount of time I am going to smile politely and tell them, "I need to get to it now... I'll see you later man," and simply walk away to get on with my work.
If, by chance, it isn't horribly important for me to get this fixed I might stay around my friend for a while listening to their ideas. This is fairly unlikely though, as random ideas don't spark too much interest in me. Unless they are being exceptionally funny/witty I will most likely shrug them off at some point and get to work.

5a. What are some of your most important values?
Honestly, I don't have many "important values". I suppose I don't want to hurt people, but I know it will happen eventually, so I try not to put -too- much weight on that. It feels horrible hurting people, so it is definitely in everyone's best interest if I avoid doing that. It is also important to me to look good, I don't want to make a fool of myself (though it does happen at times). I try to do my work well and keep myself looking impressive. I have quite the high work ethic.

5b. Can they change? What would be the reason if they changed?
I don't really think that would change... I don't really see why I would spontaneously start hurting people or making myself look bad. I think that I could start to care about more things, most likely if I have a family, but at the time I can't really see myself caring too heavily about anything else.

6. You are in a car with some other people, the people in the car are talking. Someone makes a claim that you see as immoral/rude/cruel. What is your inward reaction? What do you think? What do you say?
I probably wont react much.. I don't think much about things being immoral or cruel. If anything, I will criticize them in my head slightly, but I wont show it much externally. I try to look at other perspectives to understand why they would say such a thing and what would cause them to think that way. It isn't really worthwhile exerting myself in these situations, it doesn't do anything.

7. a) What activities energizes you the most? Why?
I would say probably working energizes me the most. I really like doing things, especially with my hands. I get a real kick out of doing things like sodering, painting, organizing, and making things. I also really like doing math, it seems odd, when I really get into doing math problems I get a natural high. As long as I completely understand the theory behind what I am doing I get a real rush out of performing and completing things.

7. b) What activities drains you the most? Why?
Dealing with people and their drama is often draining for me. I hate conflicts and other people's problems. I can tolerate when my friends/family come to me to complain about their life, but it always leaves me a little drained after. Trying to force conversation is very tiring as well, I don't think I am very good at it and it takes a lot of mental work to keep some conversations going and flowing. When I was younger I found it easier to socialize with everyone, but as I have grown up a bit I find that it isn't natural anymore. Studying for long periods of time also drain me, my memory is shit.

8. Do you believe you are introverted or extraverted? Why do you believe that? (Please be as detailed as possible)
I honestly am on the fence about being introverted or extroverted. I have an intense interior monologue, but I assume that is the case for everyone, and I like being by myself. I am a pretty quiet person, and especially when in groups of people, I can be one of the least talkative people there. I used to (before getting with my current boo) spend a lot of time by myself and most, if not all, of my hobbies are solitary.
I could easily be an extrovert though. I enjoy being around people, customer service is one of my skills, and I enjoy talking to many different people. I usually feel better the more people that I talk to, though my conversations are often shallow and uninteresting. I just like the social contact. My boyfriend says that I am a slight introvert.

9. Please describe yourself, what do you see as your greatest strengths and what do you see as your greatest weaknesses?
I find my greatest strengths are in being able to understand things and figure out what to do. I have a pretty sharp mind when it comes to doing things. I pretty quickly learn how to do things, I don't need much instruction, and if people give me tips on how to do things I incorporate it very efficiently and quickly. I am very self sufficient and independent.
My weaknesses definitely have to do with dealing with other people. I find how much I try to avoid conflicts(as they just aren't worth the energy) cause me to be a little superficial in my relationships. I don't care much to share my opinion in most cases(except for around the few people I am particularly close to), and I generally keep most personal information to myself. I think I am a pretty boring person to be around, I don't really know how to act around other people. Unless very comfortable, I am not particularly interesting or funny. I can be witty, but it often isn't the case. People have called me cold and emotionally distant on more than one occasion.

10. Please describe yourself when you are feeling stressed. How do you act and why? Real life experiences are welcome.
Ah, looking for the inferior function I see? I find when stressed out I start to think of the worst possible options and I ruminate about them. For example, I recently backed my car into another car (it was foggy, I was tired, bad day man) and ran from the scene of the accident. I started freaking out with anxiety, was I going to get charged for leaving the scene? Will the person I hit freak out? Am I going to go broke paying for all the damage? I got a little bitchy with people, my tolerance for bullshit went down. I was able to make myself feel better by logically looking at things, I mean.. its just money. I wouldn't go to jail just for running from an accident. I worried about if my parents would find out and criticize me for my poor driving job and for running away. I couldn't sleep well and I even started to doubt my relationship with my boyfriend. I got a little depressed, wondering what I was doing with my life and if I would always be such a failure (which I don't really regard myself to be). Generally, my thoughts turned dark. Though I was still able to push these feelings away--to an extent-- by simply logically thinking through what was bothering me.

11. What is your "soft spot" (the area that makes you upset if people mess with)?
Do all people have soft spots? I guess it makes me upset if people mess with the rights of other people. I mean, there are a bunch of anti-abortion protesters who sit outside of the hospital in my town... and I really want to drive them all over. I mean, it isn't really their business what other people do with their vaginas, they just make people feel bad for their choices. People need to leave each other alone.

12. What are most of the ideas/thoughts you get generally centered around (try to expand your answers as much as possible)?
Urrrrrrr... I guess my thoughts are usually around what is going on at the moment. Anything I say now will be guessing, as I don't generally analyse my own thoughts. I think about my boyfriend and where we are moving... I think about my opinions of what is going on around me, I think about my place in the world... I think about what other people think of me. I don't know man, this is a hard question.

13. What's your opinion of getting frequent feedback on what you do? (Someone pointing out what is good, what is bad, what and how to improve) Is there a limit to how often you want feedback? If so, what is the limit?
I actually quite like feedback. I like to know that I am doing things properly, clear directions on what my objective is is quite good. I don't like feedback if the person starts just flat out criticizing me, or starts offering suggestions that I have already contemplated. If someone knows what they are talking about then I appreciate endless levels of feedback.

14. Anything beyond what has been discussed that you would like to add?
My boyfriend tells people that he likes me because dating me is like dating a guy with a vagina.

I wish I could put more effort into gaining skills in things and knowledge in things.. but I don't have much drive. I am quite the procrastinator and I find I would often rather sit around and watch tv then actually learn something. For example, I am studying neurology and I find it exceptionally interesting to learn and think about... but I would rather be laying on the couch just chilling then digging through my textbooks and memorizing the shit.
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