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Have you ever had a hard time controlling your laughter at an inappropriate time?
Yes, at my oldest brother's wedding. The minister kept mispronouncing my sister-in-law's name which is Elaine. He called her Evelyn and Yvonne, and I giggled. When an older cousin glared at me that made me giggle more. I stifled it but damn the whole thing was funny for more than just that reason. [I was 13, so there's that to consider, too.]

And another time, Christmas Eve, my bio-dad was reading from Luke on the Nativity and he mispronounced words. It was late, like 2:00 a.m. and I was in from another state visiting.

I had to leave the room after I made eye contact with a sister who was grinning. I went into the kitchen and leaned against a cool window until I had control, came back just as he was finishing up.

And though he wasn't an affectionate man, when my Dad got done, it must have moved, not just surprised him, that I had slipped back in and was sitting on the floor behind him, because he patted my head before heading upstairs.

Nice memory. Thanks @mightyoak

Would you condemn someone for aborting a baby after an ultrasound showed extreme deformity, the kind that would require extensive medical intervention, leaving the parents to most likely have to either institutionalize the child or provide 24-hour care for the unborn child?
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