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The weather's been pretty up and down this winter. It'll go from 50 one day to zero the next with snow storms. Right now the temps probably in the teens...brrr.

Has social media changed the way you view people? If so, in what way?
It too often makes me think more so than I did when I was out and about, in college, teaching, working and so on, as though most of the world is made up of 20-something, middle-class, college-educated, entitled, pleasure-seeking white people regardless of the country from which they're posting.

Then I shake myself mentally and remember that the most vocal have always been the most privileged, over all, regardless of whether "sharing" happened in a newspaper editorial, coffee houses or PTA meetings and similar places.

It's harder to give myself the mental shake, however, as I used to spend more actual, face-to-face time with people from more diverse backgrounds. I hope to get back to that by moving to Akron this coming summer; we'll see... as not driving, having disabilities and serious money problems makes for ongoing isolation and reliance on, yes, the Internet.

Do you think online dating, filling out 'forms' to decide if someone is worth meeting, leads to more mask-making, i.e. putting up a front, than the older ways people met to feel each other out romantically?
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