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This isn't really a profession, but when I was little, I wanted to grow up and live entirely mobile: I wanted to have an RV and just travel constantly and see as much of the world as I could. I loved the outdoors, so most of the time I envisioned myself walking around in the wild, setting up camp and sleeping outdoors. Whenever I was on a long drive with my parents on a rural interstate, I would look at the landscape and imagine myself climbing the cliffs or sleeping under the trees.

Don't think I'd ever actually do that, but the thought still enchants me. When I take really long walks or hikes by myself, I sometimes imagine that's what I'm doing. I associate the idea with how it felt to be a child, the feeling that the world was unimaginably huge and even commonplace things like car trips were adventures.

Would you experience life again from childhood, with these conditions: a) you have to give up everything in your life right now (people, experiences you've had, etc.) and b) you know reliving your life will make it turn out completely different?
That's lovely... and I can relate to so much of it except the car rides... I would get next to a window in the back seat of our Impala to try avoiding some of the shoving and be out of reach of my father's hand--he sometimes missed the sisters who were fighting and got me instead. I'd just look out the window and imagine all sorts of things, so not in the car that my mother sometimes panicked and would call out, "Where's K---?!" and be relieved to see me there. :p

As for your question, no, because "completely different" could be as bad as my childhood was--and it was a doozy, or it could actually be worse. And the experiences I've had, over half of my life involves my husband--we've been together--coming up next month--for 30 years, so I'll keep the mix I've lived.

If you could have the land, energy, skills, what kind of garden would you plant: vegetables, flowers (wild or more orderly), or a combination, or...?
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