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This is my first message on this forum. Just found out that I'm a ENFJ and like to meet other ones.
I've just started a webblog so if you want to know me better, sent me an e-mail so I can give you a link to my weblog.

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no certainly not social! I like to talk to people, and when I'm a lot on my own, like now (2 weeks not working) I go bezerk.
It's hard to explain. Is more like an existential loneliness. Let's say that my head is never silent and that often is quite scary for me.
I can wake up in the morning and feel terrified (another sad day). I feel almost unable to move and can become very depressed by that. I can't enjoy anything and it's imposible for me to relax. If feel totally useless. At work it's less scary because of the diversion and people appreciate me. It's like I have to earn my free time, and longer than one day is too much...
My latest strategy is turning my anxiety into energy by starting a webblog to nourish, comfort and inspire people with pictures, my paintings, links, stories, humour etc. Gives me something to focus on beside work.
By the way: don't want to scare you off. I can understand if you don't want to respond further.
A-girl ;)
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