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Sorry, I think we're having a misunderstanding. I absolutely didn't mean to belittle you. I was just trying to empathize with my "sucks to be in that situation" statement.
It's all good, I got my big boy pants on. I only mentioned for the sake of the topic. Long distance or online relationship's can actually be easier for a lot of people. Mostly because people usually only show the good or upside of themselves in the digital world of relationship's as well as the online persona phenomenon.
Not so easy to conceal the bad or down side of ourselves irl, which we all have just some more than others. Some people's down side don't clash to much, which is where the true test of a relationship compatibly comes to play.
When people decide to bring such relationship's together in person. That persona fades away and can hit some people to hard like having culture shock in your own neighborhood. Becomes to much

Just try to keep what I mentioned about slow to react in your back pocket. You may need it one day
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