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any insight without critic of me as ESTJ and u darling people

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we are supposed by theory to be the best possible solution for each other for any raltionship whish is DUAL while i lived 20 yr with my alcoholic now late husband who was ESFP,my CONFLICTED in the theory partner.but torr
but to revenge my bad fate with my husband,my son who is ISTP is my MIRROR which is second best for me and him and with his wife who is ENFP he is DUAL without her to be alcoholic but is instead an over too much religious which two,alcohol and religion,serve the same purpose,to delude lead the person into selfdelusion.and so both did in my husband and my daughter in law.but who cares if whe is DUAL with my son and this leads to conclussion i had the worst pooible for me as estj husband infp,a conflicted one,but with my son i have a mirror reltionship which is second best after dual.however wiht my daughter in law im not so lucky nor is she cos we two are in so called ACTIVITY realtionship which is good enough and bad enough.but with my adaption it wiill be reasonably good.and of coure ill do the adaption for my son not her cos his pappines depends on his love for her and ours,his mom and his wife,for him.and i want most af all in life that he be happy no matter what.literally.
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I don't think anyone knows what exactly you are looking for here. Was there a question?
only now did i see that i wrote so much without saying what my qustion is
m are INFJs which makes me and u people ideal for relationship by the theiry which has a name for all of the 8 couples of relationships for 16 personality types
so far so good
so im interested in u people cos u lot,the INFJs,and we lot,the ESTJ s are in DUAL relationship,thebest one possible out of the 8,when related to each other.unfortunatelly for us estjs who are 10% u infjs are only 1% of teh population.and everybody likes u.thats what the theory of duality says.
so why am i writing to u darlings.
cos i was unlucky or whatevr it was to had been married for 20 yrs to an alcoholic INFP.these people arre callded dremers and idealists and we two make the worst possible combination in reltionships called my marriage was a lasting conflict with an alcoholic whit who the only two things we had in common was that he was in love with me and i with himto his end and that we were both honest and faithful.some people dont have even these in their marriages.wahtever.
my type,the estj is called guardian and we are so called the pillars just immagine how it was living with an alcoholic dreamer-idalist who wa incapable of anything why i was of i was the man in our family and he was my second bad child.
my first real child thou is with me in socalled mirror relationship cos he is estp.mirror is second best after dual and it means that he sees in me only my bad sides and ignores my good ones and vice versa...i see in him the bad ignoring the good.this is cos we both are sensors and thinkers.only he keeps it inside him and only perceives the world while i have it all out and criticize...the whole world starting from my own he is as type mechanic i am guardian while u are protectors.but i wastn lucky to find a rotector.i never had one.except for my mom.
now,my son and his wife are in dual realtionship,like i would be with one of u,cos he is istp and she enfp.
so i was the unluckiest in haveing a conflicting partner and my son is the luckiest in haveing the ideal pratner in his im happy as mother cos if i didnt have anything with my husband my son got it all.and im in second best realtionship with my son,the mirror one.
adn again why am i writing in yr forum.
cos id like that u darlings,the protectors,tell me how u see us guardians,as people.i believe in theory of dualizm,mirror and conflict,as theory.there are 5 other types of relationships but im not interested in those nwo cos we four people,i my husband,my son and my daughter in law are in these three relationship types,i with my husband in conflicted,i with my son in morror,and he with his wife in dual.of course cos we are four,theres a fourt type concerning us four and its between me and my daughter in law which is so called activity one.not so bad but not that good either.with a little of my work and understanding ill make our relationship satisfactory.she is by type enfp which means extrovert intuitive feeling and perceiving.i dont remember how her type is called.but not something realistic so i see things as useful and/or not.a woman once said about my husband that he is good for nothing.asd so he was...
so,how do u infjs see us estjs,us and our realtionships.not that i have any of u in my life unfortunatelly,but i suspest that one of my female new friends 30 yrs my minor...!!!...seems to be infj and i judge this from our both happiness and wellness when we are together.i just get her and she gets me.and the differences between me and her are grand.she is so much younger and not educted at all,something that i respect if one is.but i love her.and i feel she loves me this in yr opinion wht real duality is about?
i hopw ive been more specific this time.
and please dont analyse me cos i know wht i am and even less criticize me cos im fed up of it from my late now husband and my seems that nobody likes us estjs,the pillars of the society.and im a is the base of any society.without it we would have anarchy,the night mare of any and every jurist and estj as guardians of the society and family.just immagine what i had to do to kkep my family running haveing as partner an alcoholic dreamer-idealist.but when my son grew to early manhood he became his true self,a maehcnic,and helped me run our family against our bad husband and father who was a big spendr witout being at all a provider-earner.bad,bad times...
now gone but so has life too with them.cos im 62 now...
tahnk u for being the shoulder for my crying
btw i just found taht my daughter inn law is an she inspires my son to wark so hard without helpin herself too much

and again btw u can find the info on personalyty types 8 raltionships and the descriptions googling something like

complete personality types realtionships charts
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