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Any Law Students or Legal Professionals?

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As an ESTP, my perception of law school is a lot of judgment. Time management and task prioritization seem to be the skills troubling me the most. Otherwise I'm doing great with meeting people/building relationships, being cold called upon by professors, and taking charge (after everyone else backs out or doesn't know what to do next) in my study groups. People seem to be weirded out by my constant movement and the fact that I literally take up a wingspan of desk space with all my clutter; "deal with it!" I say.

What other issues do you all foresee someone like myself having? Any areas I might naturally excel at (for instance, I can't wait for the oral arguments component of one of my classes, I know I'll do well there)? Academically, I have a bad track record, which is typical for my type, but we seem to stick through even if it means having a low GPA. I appreciate any feedback.

If there are other law students or other legal professionals, feel free to join me in this post.
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I'm a lawyer. The day-to-day of law school is pretty different from the reality of practicing law.
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I'm quite aware. It's being repeated to me daily. What is your practice area? And for how long?
I do a little bit of everything at this point. I've been at it for a couple years.
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