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I'm curious to see if there are any couples with our same personality types.

We get along very harmoniously. After my boyfriend got used to my constant curiosity and insistent questioning paired with my paranoid skepticism (or know-it-allness) and I got used to his controlled anger and dominant nature, we really understand each other.

I can help him calm down by using my 5 objectiveness plus my warmth and empathy with logic and wisdom through my INFJ personality, he feels understood and listens to my council due to my increased use of Ti from my type 5 enneagram plus my empathetic nature of INFJ. When I feel vulnerable and paranoid, he helps me feel protected through his type 8 protectiveness while I feel mentally stimulated by his constant challenging of all ideas I present to him.

At first I felt scared of his passionate nature and he felt neglected by my retreating from his intense but controlled rage but we fully have accepted those areas and now feel comfortable with our reactions, now I don't retreat from his passion any longer.
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