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Any other 8 Idealists?

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I wonder if any have struck a balance between, the 8 assertive energy and the Idealist empathic tendencies. After months of research and introspection, I figured that I was truly an eight because my true goal in life is gaining strength and abilities to further help my people. Also, I tackle my challenges the way a warrior would dispose of an enemy, with discipline and controlled violence. The values of the Eight are the sustenance nessasary to keep my introverted feeling healthy. I never gave it serious consideration since I identify well in the XNFP dimension. Go figure that it would be in the last place possible.
So, am I alone in this?
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I don't think it's a balance so much as the two fuse into something different from either the typical NF or 8 personalities. Both NF and 8 are missing typical elements and both have certain elements strengthened when combined. This is likely because of how both types are typically associated with certain Enneagram and MBTI types which flavor their descriptions.

INFJs are usually 9s or 4s
INFPs are usually 4s
ENFPs are usually 7s or 2s
ENFJs are usually 2s

8s are usually ExTJs or ExTPs... so descriptions will usually be a little flavored by this.

Combine atypical combinations of MBTI and Enneagram and they're going to manifest in atypical ways. MBTI type creates perspective. Ennaegram creates motivations. The motivations for Enneagram type will always be tainted by the perspective of the MBTI type and vice versa.

However, I will agree that NFs and type 8s do tend to have a lot of inner conflict between 8 motivations and NF perspectives.
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An example of how my NF-ness and my 8-ness collide...

My idealistic motivations inspire me to say or do something with the 'normal' amount of passion, drive, and focus that my type 8-ness has. Unfortunately, this causes people that I care about to be hurt by what they call my being unyielding, contentious, or domineering. When this becomes enough of a pattern, it becomes clear that I have to be overly conscious of the fact that most people can't handle me. My idealism is now in conflict with my nature. It's not an inherent conflict. It's a learned response. If you are an NF and an 8, you're inevitably going to find yourself in the position of realizing just how much of an affect you have on others, and having an inner conflict about it.

Another example...

Someone pushes my NF idealistic buttons and sets off my adversarial 8-ness. Suddenly, this person is getting the full force of my personality, and many people are extremely rattled by this experience. My 8-ness assumes people can handle this, and if they didn't want to clash with me then they wouldn't have started an argument or fight. But, they can't, and I'm left with people shaking, getting really upset, and in more cases than I'd have ever assumed possible, crying and having an emotional breakdown. Now my NF-ness feels really bad about having caused this without intending to, even though my 8-ness knows I didn't do anything wrong and I'm standing there trying to figure out how what I said or did could have caused this reaction in someone, rapidly losing respect for them but simultaneously not wanting them to be hurting... and often apologizing in order to make them hurt less, even though to the core of my being I didn't feel like I did anything wrong by standing my ground and stating what I think or feel.

My inner conflict eventually becomes one of my NF side always trying to safeguard from these sorts of 'unexpected' incidents that my 8 side can't consider.

On the subject of famous NFs who are 8s...

Both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are reported to be INFJs and 8w9s.
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Weird your an INFJ 8w9 I thought that I might be the only INFJ that was an 8w9 quite a bummer actually
Nope. I'm one too.

It seems as if 8w9 is much more common with INFJs than 8w7... as in, I've never heard of an INFJ 8 being a 7 wing, and not a clear 9 wing.
I've been studying the Enneagram a bit more as I am fairly new to it.
This might help you decide upon your type.

Naranjo: Character and Neurosis.

Since you seem to be seeking some external clarification, your explanations seem more like 5 with the influence of 3's id based drives than 8. Add in sx subtype, and you've got a cocktail for behaviors that may, at times, seem 8-like. However, Enneagram isn't based on qualifying behaviors being exhibited. It is based on core motivations. For 8's, that core motivation is the need to not be vulnerable. Ever. All of the extension motivations serve that end and are derived from it.

It is similar to 5's core motivation which is fear of the unknown, and thus avoid being a victim of the unknown, which can cause some confusion.

Your sig implies 539 sx. 359 Tritype

Enneagram: 9w8 - 5w6 - 3w4 sx/sp (Rearrange this, and you have 539.)

Self-confidence is knowing you're right. (Strongly implies 5's need to avoid being a victim of the unknown by being certain.)

Arrogance is thinking that being right makes you superior. (Implies 3's need to be admired but 9's need to harmonize.)

(The assertion in these statements implies an sx push.)

RCOE|I| (INTJs are most often 5's)

Lastly, I'm awarding you Necromancer of the Month for reactivating this thread, seeing as you're not an NF (Idealist). However, it was nice to revisit a moment when I thought I was a core 8, rather than a fix. Enneagram certainly has a learning curve.

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