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Any other 8 Idealists?

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I wonder if any have struck a balance between, the 8 assertive energy and the Idealist empathic tendencies. After months of research and introspection, I figured that I was truly an eight because my true goal in life is gaining strength and abilities to further help my people. Also, I tackle my challenges the way a warrior would dispose of an enemy, with discipline and controlled violence. The values of the Eight are the sustenance nessasary to keep my introverted feeling healthy. I never gave it serious consideration since I identify well in the XNFP dimension. Go figure that it would be in the last place possible.
So, am I alone in this?
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/raise hand

Why can't we be? I consider myself to be a very empathetic and idealistic individual, with my Type 8 tendencies only serving to fuel my passion for whatever I am trying to achieve or defend. We 8's are often characterized by our assertively protective nature. Aggressively protecting whatever ideals/values/people we have in our "protective bubble," or even becoming a little domineering for the "better good" that necessarily evil? As I've said in another thread, I don't consider assertiveness, manipulation, and want for control to necessarily be a negative set of traits. Our actions and stances are often misunderstood, but honestly, I believe this just stems from our unconventional methodology.

I am a Type 8 (8w9)and an INFJ. I am not sure if I see a conflict between my assertiveness and idealist empathic tendencies. I just channelize my strength and passion towards empathic endeavours. Many times empowering others and acting in defense of others unable to protect themselves (both empathic objectives) requires a great deal of assertiveness. As Treebob has said earlier, a healthy 8 will be more respected than feared and here it would mean being respected for their assertiveness among other qualities. Personally, I would disagree with Nobleheart. The part about inner conflict doesn't hold true in my case
Stole the words right out of my mouth. I have never had my Type 8 nature and "NF-ness" collide, in fact I will even say they enhance each other. This is especially true when it comes to my Fi. Although I would hate to derive into stereotypes, perhaps this lack of conflict comes from my lack of there stereotypically more "fluffy" Fe (my 2nd or 3rd weakest function.)
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