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Any other 8 Idealists?

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I wonder if any have struck a balance between, the 8 assertive energy and the Idealist empathic tendencies. After months of research and introspection, I figured that I was truly an eight because my true goal in life is gaining strength and abilities to further help my people. Also, I tackle my challenges the way a warrior would dispose of an enemy, with discipline and controlled violence. The values of the Eight are the sustenance nessasary to keep my introverted feeling healthy. I never gave it serious consideration since I identify well in the XNFP dimension. Go figure that it would be in the last place possible.
So, am I alone in this?
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Humaning said:
After months of research and introspection, I figured that I was truly an eight because my true goal in life is gaining strength and abilities to further help my people.
I've reached the same conclusion about myself as well. So, yes, that would mean I'm an 'Idealist' and an 'E8' as well (not neglecting the fact that, yes, I'm a complex human being as well).

I don't think it's a balance so much as the two fuse into something different from either the typical NF or 8 personalities. Both NF and 8 are missing typical elements and both have certain elements strengthened when combined. This is likely because of how both types are typically associated with certain Enneagram and MBTI types which flavor their descriptions.

INFJs are usually 9s or 4s
INFPs are usually 4s
ENFPs are usually 7s or 2s
ENFJs are usually 2s

8s are usually ExTJs or ExTPs... so descriptions will usually be a little flavored by this. ...
This is all speculative and theoretical that disregards a 'Catalyst' (that is someone with an NF temperament) upbringing and its effect on the person's motivation and actual psychology.

This description of the 'Catalyst' temperament...:
"Want to be authentic, benevolent, and empathic. Search for identity, meaning, and significance. Are relationship oriented, particularly valuing meaningful relationships. Tend to be idealistic and visionary, wanting to make the world a better place. Look to the future. Trust their intuition, imagination, and impressions. Focus on developing potential, fostering and facilitating growth through coaching, teaching, counseling, and communicating. Generally are enthusiastic. Think in terms of integration and similarities and look for universals. Often are gifted in the use of metaphors to bridge different perspectives. Usually are diplomatic. Frequently are drawn to work that inspires and develops people and relationships. (Catalyst Temperament).

...isn't any more descriptive than this because these motivations are expressed differently from person to person.

TreeBob said:
...So many "eights" seems to think violence, muscle and fighting is a big part of being an eight and I think this is erroneous myself. In fact many times I see violence as a major fear on the part of the aggressor. Why does an eight need to be tough and have large muscles? I would suppose being an eight means you are a presence in the room but you wouldn't be feared due to your physical appearance more than your general disposition and nature. Hell if you are a healthy eight you wouldn't be feared but rather respected as a leader.
I'm glad someone noticed this 'erroneous' belief, as I've noticed this myself. You don't have to be this muscular aggressor to be an E8. Again, Enneatype descriptions are vague as well because those motivations are expressed differently from person to person.
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If you are an NF and an 8, you're inevitably going to find yourself in the position of realizing just how much of an affect you have on others, and having an inner conflict about it.
Words of wisdom right there.
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