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Any other 8 Idealists?

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I wonder if any have struck a balance between, the 8 assertive energy and the Idealist empathic tendencies. After months of research and introspection, I figured that I was truly an eight because my true goal in life is gaining strength and abilities to further help my people. Also, I tackle my challenges the way a warrior would dispose of an enemy, with discipline and controlled violence. The values of the Eight are the sustenance nessasary to keep my introverted feeling healthy. I never gave it serious consideration since I identify well in the XNFP dimension. Go figure that it would be in the last place possible.
So, am I alone in this?
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I went overboard on purpose.

Violence in defence is a necessity I understand that. I was mocking the stereotypical statement above. So many "eights" seems to think violence, muscle and fighting is a big part of being an eight and I think this is erroneous myself. In fact many times I see violence as a major fear on the part of the aggressor. Why does an eight need to be tough and have large muscles? I would suppose being an eight means you are a presence in the room but you wouldn't be feared due to your physical appearance more than your general disposition and nature. Hell if you are a healthy eight you wouldn't be feared but rather respected as a leader.

Just my thoughts.
Phew. I've been studying the Enneagram a bit more as I am fairly new to it and I've been contemplating Type 8w9 or Type 5w6 as my type , and everywhere I read that Type 8s are really aggressive and rather enjoy conflict. With me, it might be a little different. If I'm really pissed at a relative who happens to be significantly older than me, I usually manage to suppress my anger out of respect for them, which might make me look a bit more like a Type 1. However, I have been known to rage at some of my friends and (on lack of better judgment) my parents from time to time and while I wouldn't exactly say I'm glad I did, I don't really regret it because they probably deserved it at the time. Except my anger usually isn't direct. It's more passive-aggressive.

Another thing that I have read is that Type 8s and Type 5s can mistype for each other and it is usually between really assertive 5s and really intellectual 8s.
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I'm not sure an eight would ever be passive aggressive. I have a hard time hiding my anger (ok it isn't possible to hide it).
It depends for me. When I was much younger, I had a bit of a nasty temper. I think over time I've learned to control it, but when something ticks me off, I go into full-blown rage mode.
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This might help you decide upon your type.

Naranjo: Character and Neurosis.

Since you seem to be seeking some external clarification, your explanations seem more like 5 with the influence of 3's id based drives than 8. Add in sx subtype, and you've got a cocktail for behaviors that may, at times, seem 8-like. However, Enneagram isn't based on qualifying behaviors being exhibited. It is based on core motivations. For 8's, that core motivation is the need to not be vulnerable. Ever. All of the extension motivations serve that end and are derived from it.

It is similar to 5's core motivation which is fear of the unknown, and thus avoid being a victim of the unknown, which can cause some confusion.

Your sig implies 539 sx. 359 Tritype

Enneagram: 9w8 - 5w6 - 3w4 sx/sp (Rearrange this, and you have 539.)

Self-confidence is knowing you're right. (Strongly implies 5's need to avoid being a victim of the unknown by being certain.)

Arrogance is thinking that being right makes you superior. (Implies 3's need to be admired but 9's need to harmonize.)

(The assertion in these statements implies an sx push.)

RCOE|I| (INTJs are most often 5's)

Lastly, I'm awarding you Necromancer of the Month for reactivating this thread, seeing as you're not an NF (Idealist). However, it was nice to revisit a moment when I thought I was a core 8, rather than a fix. Enneagram certainly has a learning curve.

Well, thanks. This is what my tritype is for the time being. If I can go for long without doubting it, then I will call this my tritype. But I really appreciate your help, O you with a Noble Heart. :laughing:

As for the tritype, I'm still working out the order as well.

Another thing that clarifies it for me is that Type Fives, in their growth state, become assertive like Type Eights.
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