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Any other INFJ who loves British mini-series'? Films based on English literature?

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I'm going to bet that if I like them, at least one or two of you probably does too. I hope! My favorites:

Jane Eyre
The Forsythe Saga
Bleak House
Daniel Deronda
The Way We Live Now
Vanity Fair (the mini-series, not the Hollywood version)
Wives and Daughters
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Anything based on Jane Austen
North and South
Under the Greenwood Tree
Our Mutual Friend

There's others, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. So if you share this particular quirk of mine, please list some of your favorites. Maybe you've seen something I haven't! :laughing:
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My dad was obsessed whith Doctor Who when I was a kid. I think I had nightmares about Daliks!

I love the Sherlock Holmes series with Rupert Everett as Holmes. And I cried buckets at the end of Tess of D'urbervilles.
I've made bold the ones I've seen and loved. I'm british and probably the only person in my family who loves british TV.

I also love:

Robin Hood
Doctor Who
Sherlock Holmes (new series was on TV this year, modern version)Little Dorrit
Tess of the D'urbervilles

The list goes on!! I'm sure I'll think of some more soon.
Well, I mentioned that I love anything by Jane Austen. I agree, the BBC adaption of Pride and Prejudice is very good. I tend to like the BBC adaptations much better than the Hollywood versions.
I can't believe no-one's mentioned the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice yet!!

It's awesome...
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This is the version I saw, and i thought Richard E. Grant was brilliant as the Pimpernel:

I love the 1982 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel starring Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour.
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My parents have been watching Poirot for a long time. For some reason I just never got interested until recently. I saw one a while back and really liked it. I love Poirot's empathy as well as his intelligence. He's like an NF Sherlock Holmes.
Miss Marple
Mrs. Bradley Mysteries
Wind in the Willows
The World of Peter Rabbit & Friends
Have you seen the movie Miss Potter? I really liked it, although I always find it distracting when and American tries to play the part of someone British. But overall it was very good. I have a video a bought for my kids of Peter Rabbit stories, and wonder if it's the same ones you were watching as a kid? It was definitely British made.

I think so too. A huge part of why I watch all these series is for the visuals^^ I love the costumes, and the scenery/cities.. The last two are from children's books and I watched them up till middle of high school... I remember recording them on videocassette XD Good times
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Well I definitely want to visit at least! Most of my ancestors on my mother's side immigrated from England. Grandma is still quite English in her ways.
Most of these are available on netflix or most likely any other online movie renting company. That's where I found most of the ones I have watched, along with what is offered on PBS.
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Yes, that's the one! I love that video, warm fuzzies all over! :laughing:
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