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Not outdoorsy at all, but I do like to take short walks, go on an occasional very short 'nature walk' and leave the hiking to others.

I played outdoors as a kid because I'm a Boomer and we all did, although my oldest brother and older sister -- both STPs -- were outside as much as possible and so was my ESFP younger sister, and heck, my ENFP baby sister (I have nicknames to keep them straight in my head--big family, complicated, too).

I went camping but I didn't like it much. I remember enjoying--after it was done--the challenge of putting up an old family tent that a boyfriend had with no instructions, and it was huge...

My son bowed out early on and his best female friend (six years old) stuck it out, helping me. At the end, there was one pole left over and I felt frustrated because I couldn't figure out where it belonged... until my boyfriend came home and said, looking at the tent, listening to what I told him, "That's an extra piece, you did fine."

I liked to go out as a kid alone and examine insects, watch birds, find unexpected flowers. I loved dandelions and didn't think of them as weeds--I used to wrap several in aluminum foil and enjoyed giving the bouquet to my Mom. When the dandelions went to seed I enjoyed blowing on them, delighting in how they went wispy and floated up and away...

I enjoyed watching fireflies and hammering nail holes in jar lids, keeping the fireflies inside with grass and watching them glow.

I liked identifying Monarch butterflies and telling them apart from Viceroys. Grasshoppers were a favorite, and many caterpillars.

So many spiders, I loved them all.

And ants, just watching them work, carry the wounded away, communicate by touching.

I got to see June bugs mate: They do it in the air, then fall to the ground, rest for a few minutes and fly off in opposite directions.

So, it's the study of nature more than being out in it that I love, although The Pacific Ocean, watching the waves, walking barefoot on the sand, the smell of it, hearing it... is an exception:

I find all kinds of water sources soothing or exciting, and thunderstorms, electric storms--and even as a child--tornado weather excited me.

It's the 'participation,' however, I can't do and don't/didn't usually want to do, maybe because my body wasn't up to it, who knows.
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