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Anyone know any careers that are good for people who love cartoons/anime, science, ma

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Anyone know any careers that are good for people who love cartoons/anime, science, martial arts, video games, and art? I seem to keep hitting brick walls when trying to consider which career direction is best for me.
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Bumping thread since I made it back when I thought I was an INTP (or INFP. I was very unsure or a long time), in case my personality is a factor. Still pretty much love cartoons/animation/anime, science (mainly evolutionary biology), video games, and martial arts. Also like robots, drawing(gotten better at it and have a load of books on it. mainly anime and cartoon focused), I enjoyed mt web design class last semester a little (finale project I had a ball with), comedy, table top RPGs (only done this recently with my video game design club), and weird al parodies.
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A lot of people - but seemingly more Americans - are under the impression that they should choose something related to what they enjoy or are interested in, and always seem to think that a career can be made of anything at all. Which I guess is true, but only for a fraction of enthusiasts.

I personally believe the only worthy jobs are the ones that serve the public in some way. Of course I agree that there is money to be made in hobbies and pastimes, but, as said, only for the lucky few.

So, although a little contrary to what I think you were expecting, I suggest you think of something that will serve the nation in some way (there are loads of things - teaching, policing, rubbish collection, public transport, power plant, etc). Pursue something like that while keeping your interests as personal activities.

Unless you think the world is crying out for video game martial artist anime animator artists?!

Or unless you want to get rich. Then become a corporate scum bag and play the soul destruction game.
Would not trust (and others wouldn't either) doing most of those things. Being a teacher some one might actually learn something (seems like a bad thing since I am an atheist. And learning from atheist will only lead to evil) and doing with weird things like epic rap battles of history or anything else I have gain knowledge or caused some analyzing discussions. Trash collector. Think most those jobs are taken. I wouldn't really fit in either. But who knows they be all D&D nerds instead of frat/jock type guys. Would trust me driving a bus. Especially with other people in it that are annoying as hell.

Wouldn't be able to be a corporate scum bag unless it allows me to be Batman at night.

Usually I think the idea for listing off interest and things I enjoy is to trying to find some kind of underline connection to them and maybe show what I could actually find some kind satisfaction from it. Probably would require extreme in depth details of those interest and things I enjoy. That would take some years since I can't remember everything at a moments notice.
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Wow I was also going to say game dev. XP Or something related to multimedia/audiovisual and producing animation. Although these requires artistic skills or at least creativity to some point, maybe unless you go to game dev as a programmer. And then it might also be hard to find job openings or companies for these fields.
Been trying to improve my artistic skills over the years and even tried to get myself to draw for 40 hours this month (failing horribly only about 11 hours done :( ) and I have improved a bit. But still can't draw a single character I created ( and there are no shortage of characters I created). I'll probably just stick with Game design major for now until I finish it or figure something out. Good thing I am not taking out loans
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