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Not going to spend money on that, but reading the material I can tell you what my test would tell me.

Initiating and Receiving (E+I)
Contained (I)
Intimate (I)
Active (E)
Enthusiastic (E)

Abstract (N)
Realistic (S)
Practical and Conceptual (S+N)
Experiential (S)
Original (N)

Empathetic (F)
Reasonable (T)
Questioning (T)
Critical (T)
Tough (T)

Casual (P)
Open-Ended (P)
Early Starting (J)
Spontaneous (P)
Methodical (J)

So, looks like XXTP.

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If so, what is your Step II Individualized Type?
Far as I can tell, Step II seems like a scam. I'm too cheap to spend the money. Also, it begins to make my eyes glaze over the way the complexities of Socionics do. Neither are easy to wrap your mind around.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts