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Quotes to remember from "Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone" by Joyce Meyer

"Whatever people think of us is between them and God and not our concern."

"Sometimes the only way we can find out what we are meant to be doing in life is to step out and try some things."

"We are held in bondage by what we refuse to face and deal with."

"People who worry excessively clearly show they trust themselves, and not God, to solve their problems."

"Just like He can make a river flow in a specific direction, surely He can change someone's heart towards us."

"We become angry with the people who are pressuring us, when in reality we are allowing ourselves to be pressured."

"You can buy friends by letting them control you, but you will have to keep them the same way you obtained them."

"What you allow in the beginning of a relationships should be what you can be happy with permanently."

"Once you develop a pattern of pleasing people out of fear, it takes a genuine step of faith to break the pattern."

"The root cause of approval addiction is usually an emotional wound. Jesus can heal you everywhere you hurt."

"Don't let your approval addiction feed someone else's addiction to control."

"Be willing to endure the pain of rejection in order to starve an addiction by not feeding it. The discomfort will lessen each time you refuse to feed the addiction." (i.e. need for approval)

"Run quickly to the Lord, let Him be the one thing you need more than anything else."
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