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I have read Beebes theory about archetypes and the arm and the spine of consiousness.The theory states that every type associates the aux with the parental archetype and the tertiary with the child archetype .These functions are used when instructing others or when being instructed by others(communicating with others).

I am an xNTP so i have strong Ne and i have noticed for example that ESxJs tend to teach others(play the parental role) using Si , for examples recalling information or teaching about proper values etc. I then use Ne in defence trying to destroy their traditional values , or make them see different possibilities and i have noticed that they consider the Ne that i throw at them , reversing our roles of teacher student.I have also seen that at ExTPs who they teach others with logical truth so they can seem too critical .
The reason i made this thread, is to ask you , what is your opinion about the arm of consiousness and in your opinion how MBTI types use it (i think this would make typing others easier)
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