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Are All of You This Crazy?

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Have an ISTP friend I've known for five years, and I've learned a couple very basic, important things about him:

1.) He is of simple wants and desires.

2.) He cannot be trusted. No matter how pure he WANTS his intentions to be, they are never pure. It is ridiculous how deceitful and manipulative he will be to have his cake and eat it too. When all he has to do is just tell me the truth and I'll accept it, like I've accepted and dealt with his tricky, dirty ways of getting what he wants.

3.) When he is uncomfortable talking about something that is happening, he simply pretends it never happened! And hurts people's feelings by doing so. And could really just care less.

4.) He never knows what he wants. I've come to learn that when he wants something, he wants it THEN. Not later, not yesterday, THEN. The only way to deal with him is to take him day by day.

5.) He describes himself as having periods of 'moodiness'. I think these 'moods' come from holding all of his feelings in and neglecting them rather than dealing with them. He pretty much goes from the most calm, collective person I've ever known, to the most vulnerable piece of mush!

Now tell me, is this typical behavior for an ISTP?!
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I highly doubt I could be friends with a person like this. Also, every type has bad apples in it. No, not all of it is typical.

1.) Agreed, for the most part.
2.) I take immense pride in being trustworthy. Lying makes me nauseous. I have trouble walking the line between being blunt and being tactful, but I'd rather not get something I want than get it undeservedly or underhandedly.
3.) I try not to hurt people's feelings. If I do, it's either by accident or they drew first blood. Also, I'm low on empathy, so it perplexes me sometimes when people can't be as cool-headed and rational as me. It doesn't always mean that I don't care. I just don't know how.
4.) Well, we generally live for the moment, so yeah.
5.) Sounds like mental illness to me.

*and some extra characters right here*
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