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are INFPs 'naturally' bad with money?

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this can be in terms of managing daily money (savings and expenses),
but also as well as in terms of this current 'capitalism' system and society we're in, on how to create money (or wealth), example: creating a business that is very profitable, managing it (and the money), marketing, etc etc.

this question is especially added more ironies when knowing that there are perhaps a lot of INFPs that hate or at minimum dislike money, and the concept of life = only work ur whole life just to get Money.

what do you think, and also based on your own experience?
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I'm not that bad with money. I always make sure that I have enough by only buying what I need and making sure that I buy from the cheapest brand available.

However, I'm not that good at going into detail with my economy and thus I think I would be horrible at managing a business.

Also, I hate capitalism; the way the system is build so that companies are way more important than people and the only value people have is their ability to work. When there's a price-drop on something the company always makes it seem like they drop the price because they're such good people, when in reality they only do it to max their profits. Then they make products cost 4.95 instead of just 5, so they can fool many people into thinking that they're only paying 4 plus a couple of small coins. And don't even get me started on commercials..
yes and no. I am extremely good with money (household economics). (1) because I'm not materialistic or hedonistic so I don't spend money on frippery; (2) because saving my money means that I can spend less time at work (when that work be not meaningful for me).

I got a new job today; haven't worked for about 10 months.

On the other side, I can't -as yet- stomach creating my own business. I am afraid I would become addicted to keeping costs down - and that is a sickness to my spirit; and it is of course difficult to create money when you have high standards for the sorts of work you will do etc.

I do know infps who are lousy with money (in the sense of my former statement); frivolous, in debt and the like. I find it strange.
In my case, yes! But I really do hate borrowing money so avoid debt whenever possible - owing money is horrible.
how stupidly i can spend my money i think i really am a natural...yay discovered my talent finally!
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I think that whole "NPs are rubbish with money" is nonsense.

I'm quite good with money. I can budget. My bills are paid on time. As @Bebo90 said, being beholden to someone is restrictive, and I can't bear that.
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Simple answer is that if it is in their heart's to be motivated to achieve greatness at business-like endeavors, they will be great. Or if they see it as a big step toward a greater dream, or to help a cause they love. However, even though they could be great with anything including money, usually amassing wealth is commonly not one of their life's aspirations, and some can be a bit disorganized regarding money matters, simply because they are not interested enough (this is not a weakness, or inherently "bad", but just who they are). So it is not so much that most INFPs are naturally "bad" nor industrious with money, but more than they don't care as much regarding these matters-at least not as much as other personality types perhaps would (we are not Js, to be sure.)

I strongly believe that INFPs can do whatever they desire, as long as their heart is in it. To be motivated to do something, you should just learn to see value in it, so that you put all your heart into it. Of course, this doesn't mean that money must be important to you, and if it isn't, that's perfectly OK. But we can indeed be good at most things, and should not feel limited by our beautiful personality type (INFPs can be business men/women, even though that might be a rare ocurrence given that what is usually expected of most business men/women often clashes with many INFPs values, although not necessarily so-INFPs should be free to be who they are, and so does everybody else.)

For the record, I am quite a "typical" INFP in that money is far from my priorities in life, thus I am not a great at making tons of money, nor being that organized with finances. Money just doesn't matter as much to me, save from its utility (I only need as much as I do to live under a roof and be comfortable.) I could do better, and we can all learn to also better manage our finances without betraying our values or losing ourselves. I would love to have more money but only to keep chasing after my dreams without worries. Otherwise, it has no inherent value to me-I do remind myself constantly that it is necessary to make money, if anything to keep chasing after my dream in a more comfy way; not because "I have to make lots of money" to be truly fulfilled/"successful" (of course, an idealist could be happy homeless too, but it's not a lifestyle that I envision/wish for myself.)

INFPs should also remember that even though we may often not mind as much about money or wealth, our views are not the only ones out there-let people care and strive for what they wish, even when we can't relate much to what's driving them. Not everybody that strives for money must do so for its own sake-there are those individuals that believe that stability is important for themselves and their children. It is perfectly OK and "natural" for them to seek this, even if such things may not personally be as important to us.
I am constantly without money, even if i do have a work. But i am not able to postpone my pleasures and i am in constant need to buy something to relive my inner tension. So I am very bad with money and practicall things in general. I am even without food very often. Well, if only books werent so expensives and if only i wasnt the chosen one to help my local bookshops survive crisis. :)

And capitalism and working to get money? Well, lets just say that i spend all my money because i hate them, i will not feel so dumb at least. :)))
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I don't make very much and it seems to slip away quickly. I'm getting better, though.

I don't think that INFPs are naturally bad with money, though. We're not always very materialistic. Plus, it's really something some people have to learn. How to manage time, money, etc. It takes some practice for some people. I am one of those, apparently. Though, I never expected it.
I don't currently have a job, and I know whatever I will pick now will be something i hate until I can make it through college and hopefully find something I like to do.
and I'm a major mooch, which people don't seem to realize is because whenever I have money...I spend it on them....
and then they just buy me things
for no reason
and get mad
because they bought me something..
but I'm ok with money
I buy cheap stuff
but ask me to run a business, and its over.
Well I don't spend myself into debt but often if I have money on me I like spending it :L If I have too much money though, I'm blinded by the possible things I could buy. I have forty quid in amazon vouchers sitting around from my last birthday and christmas because I can't choose anything as I can't prioritise the possibilities.
i'mm good at working out what i've got spare for the week and good at paying my bills, my money management falls down a bit when you factor in my memory, i've bene known to forget stuff i've ordered online whne th eparcels not arrived yet and spend some of my spare cash for the month twice.:blushed:
I spend money as soon as I get it. At the moment, I have more things I need to buy than what I can afford. I'm hoping one day I will earn enough money that I can pay all my bills, pay for the things I need, and afford a few of the things I want.

I am notorious for spending money on things I want instead of things I need. It makes me feel a bit self conscious, because I really do need new clothes.
i would be "bad" in the "business world" not necessarily because i wouldn't understand how to maximize money, but because i would choose not to. i would rather operate with integrity and purpose and take whatever profit comes with that. i wouldn't be able to "maximize" on my profit by cutting back on quality or integrity and honesty in some way. my main goals isn't to squeeze as much money out of people as possible, it would be to help them and provide them with something they want or need.

and i'm actually really good with money. most of my friends blow all their money on silly stuff and i have tonnes saved up. i can go on all the vacations i want, just because i don't needlessly spend all my money otherwise.


so no, i don't think INFPs are bad with money at all (at least this one isn't).
i think we just don't care.
One's skill with money isn't at all related to MBTI.

It's got a lot more to do with nurture: the sum of your experiences, upbringing, and financial knowledge at the point you come into money.

I'm good and bad with money in different ways. I provide for myself fully and don't expect anyone to gift me anything I want. Indulging myself is the "bad". The good comes in with being overly worrisome; I fear a financial crisis too much not to save.
I'm not bad with money, but I am impulsive and lazy when it comes to saving a lot of the time.
i'm actually really frugal and sensible with my money (keep in mind i am in a big family of j's!) but god, do i love buying DVDs and books off amazon and essential oils off ebay. so to my fam, they think i'm materialistic because my expenditures aren't necessary. but they are to me! the only time i'm bad with money is when i'm stressed. then i have to spend it to get myself out of the monotony that's depressing me.
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I'm not bad with money at all, really. I am more likely to use it slowly then all at once, unless I really want something (Like a new computer or that bike:blushed:). Once I get what I really want, I simply spend money on what I need, and even refuse to take money whenever I don't need to. My motto is, "Eat what you need, not what you want," and that applies to all aspects in my life..... Unless they are things I truly care about.
I am 16 year old and I'm pretty much assured that I will be broke or very poor when I grow up.
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