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Are INFPs prone to narcissism?

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IT's a simple question. Are infps prone to narcissim? What do you think?
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Narcissism means lacking empathy. We are NOT narcissists. We often become victims to them. We just share some similar tendencies that describe them but for totally different reasons.
INFPs are emotional people. Narcissists lack emotions and empathy.
I think in a non-malicious but "self-absorbed" sort of way, definitely. But in the exploitative way as a result of NPD, I wouldn't say so.

I'm definitely a little too into myself. I have ~1,000 selfies on my phone. :bored: But it's an odd combination of believing myself both divine and disgusting. Either way, I am pretty self-absorbed.

And I sometimes have trouble focusing on others because everything has to be filtered through my own experience/thoughts/etc. Like, if someone tells me a story, I have to relate it to something I've done/seen/heard of. I can never just be like "that's their story" and hear it out. I almost always respond with how it relates back to me. It's as if I can only understand people through myself (how they/their experiences are similar & different to me/my experiences) if that makes sense :confused:

I wish I didn't have to filter things that way, I wish I could just hear their story and respond appropriately. Although it gets the same result (me coming to understand them, responding, they feel "heard"), it makes me feel like a bad listener.
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I think every type is prone to narcissism, regardless of what MBTI type you are.
It's really hard to describe INFPs in general, as we all go through different phases in life and we might exhibit either the positive or the negative traits of an INFP individual. As what I have observed, the most secure INFPs tend to be selfless and has a rather soothing presence. The INFPs who struggle may go all out defensive and would keep trying to fix what's broken inside, to a point where one appears to be too obsessed with oneself, hence, the narcissism you may be talking about. As far as vanity is concerned, yes some INFP may be praising themselves when they're alone, but not because we think we're shinier, magnificent creatures compared to others, but rather, we just simply feel good about ourselves.
Yeah, no, actually INFPs have the preferred functions for sympathy, not empathy.
Narcissism means lacking empathy. We are NOT narcissists. We often become victims to them. We just share some similar tendencies that describe them but for totally different reasons.
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Precisely. Every type can have malignant self-love, it just manifests in different ways. Narcissism in INFPs manifests in obsessive vanity and a stubborn resistance to practicing empathy (seeing things through the eyes of another person's perspective, feels threatening to their own identity.)
I think every type is prone to narcissism, regardless of what MBTI type you are.
We are sertainly prone to get sick of narsississm and arrongance douchery I can tell you that.
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I'm not aware of any research that looks for correlations between narcissistic traits and MBTI types (and if similar reseach exists it almost certainly uses the Big 5 model instead) but I'll venture a guess and say that there's no significant correlation and any personality type can develop some form of narcissism.

As far as I know, narcissism is more environmentally fomented than genetically predetermined: I've read about possible causes such as parents that are overprotective or set unrealistic expectations, abuse, neglect or humiliation early in life that leads kids to adapt a persona of superiority, etc. Now it seems there is still a lot of uncertainty as to what extent genetic factors do play a role, but IMO to act as if us INFPs are above being narcissistic is kind of a narcissistic statement :p
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I would think all types could become narcissistic, at least to the point to where they think mainly of things strictly in how it effects them, or their views being the most accurate.

However, I believe based on the usual INFP traits, many other types would be more prone than INFP.
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I can get narcissistic, mainly if I feel really lacking inside. And I use it more in a joking way so it doesn't sound as narcissistic.
I think we can posess some narcissistic traits but INFP (especially empathetic) are by nature, people pleasers and care about others and for this reason, they attract narcissists. Narcissist are very dangerous people. I believe we can be vain and even self-centered but be very careful who you try to label a psychopath ( sociopaths, narcissists..)
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In some ways I suppose.
Could say the same for ENFPs.

We can both be very cunning types with our manipulation, and we know what we're doing ..........
Don't know about narcism but 4w5 are individualist, they tend to focus on themselves.

Not all INFP are 4w5 though.
Isn't it a genetic predisposition and a no control environment that hatches a narcissist?
Inconclusive. It could be genetic, environment, neurobiology, or a combination of these.
Isn't it a genetic predisposition and a no control environment that hatches a narcissist?
I don't think it's type specific. Anyone can be a narcissist.

INFJs and INFPs as narcissists would abuse their power as changemakers and would be ‘covert’ narcissists – wolves in sheep’s clothing. They would take their perfectionism and ability to cut off relationships to the extreme by frequently ghosting people and criticizing them to the nth degree. Rather than using their platforms to help support the populations they serve, they might attempt to use them to feed their grandiosity.

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I don't think in particular, no. Introverted Feeling is like, "I relate to that, because it reminds me of something that happened to me." Whereas a narcissist is just, "What's that have to do me?"
I think it would be really difficult for an Fi dom to be a narcissist. Because narcissists don't have a sense of self--they are pretty much just their superficial persona and their relationship with other people (how others see them and what they can get others to do) defines who they are.

They are almost incapable of introspection. Literally incapable. And Fi doms are some of the most introspective types.

And most Fi doms are pretty in tune with themselves and their deeper feelings (something narcissists struggle with), and many don't even manage a persona very well.

So I really doubt there'd be a propensity in the type to correlate with NPD. I would guess more likely to correlate with an Avoidant personality or possibly Schizoid Personality disorder as Fi is also thought to be highly idiosyncratic. Maybe something like Histrionic, but I think that's more stereotypes about Fi that are projections, as Jung didn't describe Fi as being Histrionic.

He did say that unhealthy Fi types can become paranoid and suspicious of others when their Te gets weird, which is probably more like Avoidant or Paranoid personality disorder.

EDIT: Ok Jung specifically said this (idk if he said anything else about disorders) about Fi doms:

"Such a development must end in exhaustion. The form of neurosis is neurasthenic rather than hysterical, often with severe physical complications, such as anemia and sequelae."

So he said it's not hysterical, but..."neurasthenic" which is: "an ill-defined medical condition characterized by lassitude, fatigue, headache, and irritability, associated chiefly with emotional disturbance"

So basically an unhealthy Fi type would be prone to exhaustion, irritability, fatigue, and headaches and other symptoms of emotionally fueled issues (according to Jung).

And while you can't really say a type is prone to one mental disturbance over another, Jung's description here touches more on Depression...which is something I've seen many INFPs struggling with over the years (and tbh I think it'd be more honest to suggest INFPs may tend to be prone to depression--though again, people want to separate type from mental health issues), so I'm inclined to think that if there is any correlation it would be moreso what Jung and observations describe, rather than NPD...which really doesn't even make sense in the theory.
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I think so. Perhaps it manifests in a more subtle or covert way.
What Is a Covert Narcissist? Signs and Causes

If the INFP personality in other areas of psychology = covert narcissist then... 😱 (That sentence didn't come out the way I wanted it to...)

I've read a few theories about MBTI types just being a label for various mental disorders.

Who knows.

But yeah, unfortunately I think we can be prone to this. (narcissism.)

Which just sounds awful. :0 Because I think we actually don't want to be this way.

But I can't speak for all INFPs.

Maybe the Fi function is just another word for selfish.

Edit: After actually reading the article, I wonder if covert narcissism is just actually... Low self esteem? I understand people with low self esteem would want validation. Until they can actually build their self esteem up. If their self esteem was good, would they still be a covert narc? 🤔
Also if low self esteem = covert narcissism vice versa... That means people with any type could be this way too. ?

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