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Are INTPs and INFPs similar?

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I'm an INFP but I've tested for INTP once. I think "Dreamers" and "Thinkers" are two sides of the same coin and both actually describe me pretty well, but I find INTPs can be a little bit too practical and cold. Not that they are bad people or anything, but I feel like they have a bit more of a "bite" or something if you know what I mean.
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The problem lies with you taking the tests far too seriously. They're a good way to narrow down possibilities but should not be used to decide your type, nor those stupid titles that are given to the types.

I've seen Analyst, thinker, architect and dreamy professor given to INTP. I've seen visionary given to both INTJ and ENTP, and also architect given to INTJ as well.

They mean little to nothing.

What really matters first is deciding your cognitive functions. Both INTP's and INFP's will be dreamers in their own way, but what really separates them is Fi vs Ti.

INTP's primary function is a judging function, and it will judge things on what makes logical sense to the person, and analyze a subject for logical consistencies. INFP's primary function is also a judging function and will judge on the persons inner emotional values, and dive deep into the emotional aspects of the subject.

If you primarily judge things on emotional inner values and allow your feelings to drive you to do things in most circumstances, you're more likely an INFP.

INTP's will usually want to expel the emotional side from a subject and want to be logical and accurate.
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