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Are INTPs likely to be found in world class universities?

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I just have an impression of us INTPs being too lazy to work towards efficient results in secondary school, and in that way making it hard to get accepted at world class unviersities like Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and Harvard, but it might be just me and faulty assumptions based on stereotypes? I will use my own situation as an example, I don't think I can ever earn that B in P.E on my secondary leaving certificate required to even be considered at Oxford(you need B's in each subject with no exceptions, good luck with that, mvwho) and even though it is something I have wanted for several years now, I just cannot see myself working towards such a goal because I always assume that it will be okay, and that I will earn the required B eventually, no matter how hopeless it in reality is, and the fact that the best grade I have ever gotten in P.E is a lousy C. I do not know why I am like this, but it is definietly a fatal flaw.

Many INTPs, like myself, are theorists and many of us are also academics with years and years of higher education, but to be taken up as a student at the top universities in the world, you have to be the best, right? If you have straight A's in every theoretical subject but a C in P.E, you are only the second best if there is a candidate who also has straight A's except from a B in P.E and let's say a B in mathematics. Then you will be put second, and this is something that really, really discourages me(and the mere thought of physical activity exhausts me.)
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Because eighteen wheelers indoors are a common occurrence.
In high-school, I was voted most likely to be flattened by an eighteen wheeler.
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