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Are INTP's more prone to schizophrenia than other types?

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Are INTP's really more prone (even slightly) to schizophrenia than other personality types? Could this be due to the INT?
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Hmm, I seem to match up with having a Schizoid personality as opposed to schizophrenic.

  1. Emotional coldness, detachment or reduced affection.*
  2. Limited capacity to express either positive or negative emotions towards others. *
  3. Consistent preference for solitary activities.
  4. Very few, if any, close friends or relationships, and a lack of desire for such.
  5. Indifference to either praise or criticism.
  6. Taking pleasure in few, if any, activities.
  7. Indifference to social norms and conventions.
  8. Preoccupation with fantasy and introspection.
  9. Lack of desire for sexual experiences with another person.

7 out of 9.

* Many fundamentally schizoid people present with an engaging, interactive personality style. Such a person can appear to be available, interested, engaged, and involved in interacting with others; however, in reality, he or she is emotionally withdrawn and sequestered in a safe place in an internal world.

Damn you wikipedia and your thoroughness.

Although I don't see myself in danger of developing schizophrenia. I'd say introverts are more likely to develop disorders that cultivate isolation as opposed to extroverts merely by common sense; however I can't be certain of the ratio of schizophrenic INTPs to other personality types.

I should really start seeing my therapist again...
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