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Are INTP's the perfect type to maintain a long distance relationship?

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considering our fairly minimalistic needs, or would our imagination get the better of us (i.e. we would get paranoid the other was cheating or something)?

Of course I am just generalizing that all INTP's don't have many needs by the way.
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I am in a long distance relationship. I live in the Netherlands and she in London. We try to get together as much as possible but its tough, really tough, both because of the distance and financial consequences but also because rather bad health. Its made even harder because of the intensity of our feelings. Our love is almost existential in nature.

Of course we are dreaming about a future together but we are both aware that there are a lot of obstacles in the way.

It is tough, damn tough. But its also so rewarding and I do not believe i could have found a girl like this anywhere else. So its a price i will have to pay.

As for the out of sight out of mind effect, that has never been a problem. We find it excruciating to even go half a day without some kind of contact.
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