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Are ISXJ prone to daydreaming?

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I have been confused about my actual type, and now I consider myself to be either ISTJ or ISFJ.
However, I am always disconnected from my surroundings. I am always thinking about my theories, memories, possibilities. I even loose track of the things that I have to do. I also find difficult to pay attention to the same thing for a long time, I start thinking about anything else out of nowhere - sometimes a detail from a film might trigger a daydream.
I don’t focus too much on the future, I’d rather reevaluate some situation from the past, or try to figure out issues that may or may not affect me directly (for instance, what would be a reasonable solution for traffic jams in my city?), try to understand the behavior of something or someone, judge if something/someone is right or wrong.
I live constantly evaluating what my conscience tells me and checking if it fits in the current system of morality. I am often disappointed with the way things are in the world, but I would rather work with what is available and try to make the best out of it than just complain. I understand that there are things that are unchangeable (at least not individually), so I try not to bother myself with those questions.

What are your impressions about the way that I daydream? Could I be INXP?
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It seems that you get distracted into your own head, but still think about topics that come from reallity. For me a 80 % sign that someone is sensor is them asking for examples or giving them to make their point across.
I wouln'd doubt you as INXP, maybe as INXJ.
So that's my two cents. Hope you'll get other oppinions :)
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