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Are left-handers more likely to be Ns? Certain types?

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If a person is left-handed, is he/she more likely to be an iNtuitive? Are there certain personality types left-handers are typically associated? I know a lot of creative people are left-handed.

Full disclosure: I'm a left-handed INTP.
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That would make some sense, I mean I'm a lefty INFJ and my uncle, who everyone says is alot like me (LoL) is a left handed ENTJ... so yeah... that said my friends father is a left handed obvious ISxx (probably ISTJ)... I dunno
I ignore if there are any studies on this subject. I used to be left handed as a kid but they made me become right handed at school.
I am an esfp and I'm ambidextrous.
I think you would have to do a serious survey of a good-sized random population taking the test or figuring out their type to figure this out, or at least think about the neurological tendencies of lefties vs. righties and how they match up to MBTI data and ideas..more specifically than something like 'Ns are creative and lefties are creative, hence correspondent', since for one creativity is a complicated concept with many possible interpretations of what belongs to it, and for two there isn't a legitimate creativity variable in the MBTI. You might make the correlation out of real-life experience but there are far too many people in the world and among them far too much divergence by individual and culture for that to be a greatly accurate estimate.

@Sai - For the record, if you started as lefty and you got "corrected" to righty I'd still consider you technically a lefty. Granted I'm not sure how that plays out in brain development.
ENFP here. Use my left hand to write and eat, use my right hand for virtually everything else.
I know intuitive like to find patterns in everything, but this is not one of them.
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