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are MBTI functions really that locked? (Type me if you can)

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I've been wondering a lot about this lately. I don't feel like i fit in any set "type" anymore, according to which functions i use, even though i have identified with being an ENTP for about.. 4-5 years.

I'm beginning to feel that the human need to "define" themselves with the help of things outside themselves, for example MBTI, while being helpful at first for understanding oneself, later on is rather limiting. I'm questioning the statement that function preferences are determined by your physiology. Since experiences and your view of the world change the way the brain works (brain plasticity), I'm thinking that your experiences and upbringing changes what is valued, and which functions you are most likely to start using and feel comfortable with.

Then I also believe that the "function lists" that go with the types , for example, Ne Ti Fe Si for ENTPs do work, as long as one is ignorant of how one's subconcious works. When you start to understand more of your own thought processes, rationalizations, your bias, the way your language forms how you think and you can observe them without judging, it feels like the set of functions is not at all set in stone.

According to keirseys temperaments, i'm most like an ENFP, "the champion", but i use a lot of Ni when reflecting on the world, seeing things from different perspectives is very very easy, changing the meaning of situations, and coming to profound realizations without being aware of the "steps" how i got there. I also see symbolism in a lot of things, very often.

Ne: I see patterns in things, i intuitively understand how things are interconnected, what they mean, I am also very quick when debating, and use almost only my Ne then. I would say this is absolutely my Dominant function.

Ti : I am very good at seeing internal logic in things and seeing how one theory fits with other theories, and I definitely see the value of debating definitions and semantics (although lately i feel that language is a crude instrument for describing the outside world, which is infinitely more complex than what the abstract symbolisms of words lead us to believe), and i am good at logical analysis, formal logic and all kinds of problem solving.

I also use Fi, but just lately i've been able to use tihs function. I easily see what motivates people, what emotions run through their bodies and i am very empathetic. I've also got a feel for what emotions run through my body, and what my emotions "are trying to tell me". I also think that morals really are e subjective thing, in the way nietzsche put it : "you have your way, i have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."

Still, I think that the actions people commit should not hurt others, and that one should think about "would it be okay if everyone did it like this", and people who act out of accordance to these principles, I don't like because they go against what I feel is good for humankind, group values. I am alslo something of a social chameleon, and easily get a feeling for group dynamics and what values are valued in a group, and in order to get a long with them I mostly adapt. It is pretty arrogant to feel that one's way of thinking is SO good and that one's own values are so much more right than other peoples values, so that one does not adapt to people and causes unnecessary conflict and abrasion. Also, "Speak to learned men in latin, and with the peasants in the language of peasants". I also am good at getting groups feeling unity and other Fe traits.

Te ; in situations when it is needed, i think the Te way. If analyzing whether a theory is correct or not, I prefer to use Ti because I feel it works better. If however, the end goal is a result of sorts, I use Te to check which theory has the best base in reality and would be the most useful.

Si : I am aware of how my memories and experiences have formed me (mostly! it is a little too deep in the subconscious for anyone to dare say that they know all of it), and i get "Si" moments, when i recall past experiences in order to see what i did wrong there and what i learned from it, in order to handle certain situations better.

Se : I sometimes get experiences when my cognitive filters and Ne shuts off, and i just percieve the world for what it is, every little detail, without being stuck in "trying to interpret" things. Blissful experiences, really.

What i can tell from typing myself is that my N is very strong, both introverted and extroverted. My S is still weaker. T/F, i'm able to use all functions as "tools", at least that's the way it feels like.

I am most definitely P though.

Would that leave me with ENxP, even though I think Ne Fi Te Si is not fitting at all?