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The other day, I was looking out of curiosity to see what other dimensional personality measurement systems are out there that have been used by the psychology community, and I came upon the realization that nearly all of them (with the exception of systems intended primarily to screen for mental disorders, and probably others) measured the same five dimensions, or some variant thereof. I refer to these dimensions as Extraversion, Intellectualism, Emotionality, Structure, and Stability, although as you will see, they have been labeled differenly by every system they are used in.

I created a visual organizer to show the intriguingly close relationships between twenty significant dimensional personality tests throughout history, from the Four Humors to the Big Five. What intrigues me is that most of these were developed independently of one another, and yet came to extremely similar conclusions as to the measurement of personality through multiple independent dimensions.

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If the thumbnail image is too small, use this link instead.

Links to Wikipedia's description of each personality measurement system are included below, with the exception of several personality systems that, while significant, do not have a Wikipedia page.

All five of the dimensions are explicitly included in the Big Five / Five Factor Model, Ashton and Lee's HEXACO Model, Nettle's NPA Model, the MOTIV Test, and Cattell et al.'s 16PF Model. They seem to be implicitly included in Ichazo's Enneagram Model and Cloninger et al's TCI.

Those are, however, only the ones that include all five of the dimensions. Four of the dimensions are explicitly included in Jung's MBTI, Marston's DISC Assessment, and of course Kiersey's Temperament Sorter. Four of the dimensions seem to be implicitly included in Kostick's PAPI Model, Eysenck's Personality Inventory, Holland's RIASEC Codes, Taylor and Johnson's T-JTA Model, and Morgan's Forte Communication Style Profile.

Three or fewer of these dimensions are explicitly included in Galen's 4 Humors, Merrill and Reid's Social Style Model, and Baren-Cohen's E-S Model.

Since no studies currently exist to verify the claim of whether all of these have correlated dimensions,* as I have proposed, I will leave it up to discussion for all of you. Which of these systems, if any, are inter-correlated, and how? Are there other systems that seem to correlate with these five dimensions of personality?

*Note: Correlations have been officially studied between the Five Factor Model and the MBTI (here) and unofficially between Enneagrams and the MBTI (here, here, here, and here). Several of the tests are inter-correlated by nature, such as Keirsey's Temperaments and the MBTI. More studies likely exist; if you know of one, please post a link to it in the thread.
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