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Are There Any INFPs Out There...

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... Who self-harms? I know it's such a morbid topic, but I was just wondering, seeing as how we're extremely sensitive and feel emotions much more strongly than most. Plus, with the very limited supply of us wandering around the world... It's no wonder we feel very lonesome from time to time. :(

What do you think? Do you, or know any INFPs personally, who has/currently/are planning to self-harm?
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I self-Harmed from the age of 12 to 17/18 I'm now twenty haven't relapsed in two years.
I feel so much more free than I even could imagine without the harming controlling every second of
my life. There are BAD days where I get an urge to do it and I have to fight it.
It's something I always struggle with and probably will my whole life,just like a drug-addiction
it's a serious addicition and no matter how long you go'sober' there is ALWAYS a chance of relapse.
It scares me. To be honest I cant even watch movies with cutting in it or really see rezors without
having that urge inside me.
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