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Are you an optimist or pessimist?

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Are you an optimist or pessimist? Please give your own examples from your own life to elucidate what you are based on your philosophical stance.

I am an optimist and have always been one. For example, global warming? I love this warm October weather and walking on the beach barefoot by myself; I'm actually wearing shorts everyday! Using more natural gas? Of course, if we don't use it, scientists will never be determined enough to create alternative energies and reinvent the automobile. Conserving it will not end well for science!
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I would consider myself both optimist and pessimistic, though my pessimism is probably more like being realistic.
I think I'm sort of an optimist because I force myself to look at the bright side of things. Being an optimist has some pro's: people tend to like you more, and it's sort of like self-fulfilling prophecies.
However, though I may focus on the pro's of something, I always like to see the full picture. That is the best.
I try to be a realist. That said, I think it's healthier to observe the positive side to every situation. Focusing on the bad can't do much good for one's emotional state, I would think.
I think of every possibility. Think the best and prepare for the worst. In the end I'm a very positive person.
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I'm an optimist in the sense that I frame things in a positive light to feel better and keep myself from getting sick, about facts and outcomes I tend to be very realistic.

Sometimes I try to feel sad though, mostly just too see the extent of my emotional control. Sometimes both at the same time or many contrasting emotions in short succession - my mother used to go crazy when I did that... I'm somewhat losing the ability to fell very sad, maybe I recover it when things get better. :laughing:
I am a pessimist. I focus on the negative that can arise from various situations, the positive are just a lucky side effect.
Realist, but with an optimistic outlook on things. I try to find solutions where I can, and focus on realizing those solution.
I used to answer that question with realist. Nowadays I say secretly optimistic. I came to the conclusion that this is just the healthier approach. Things won't get better by being a pessimist. Being pessimistic will just get you depressed.
I'm more of a realist. I view a situation in regards to probability. If I believe a task has a high chance of ending up in my favor, I am an optimist. If the problem has a low chance of success, I tend to be a pessimist.
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It depends
If it's something I really care about, I tend to focus on the shortcomings
I'm a realist but people see me as pessimistic because realism isn't always sunshine and rainbows. I was once talking to someone about science and they said 'It's important because it's what started the universe' and I replied 'and it'll also end the universe.'. They told me not to be such a pessimist when it's a realistic statement, I do realise it seems a bit dark but it's true. However, I'm not one to go on about how I'm going to fail a test or say that everyone hates me etc.
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I have difficulty finding anyone to truly be a realist. Here's a definition of a realist,

1. a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are.

I don't believe people to have a such a detached perspective, though one can try. People usually form opinions through the service of their ego, and just by the mere act of doing so, distort reality.

Personally, I'm pessimistic. My family hates being around me because I, "supposedly," bring the mood down.
Pessimist. If I don't think about the worst case scenario and the worst case scenario happens, it multiplies the damage 10 fold.

I prefer to approach things with an optimistic mindset, but I have enough pessimism in me that I prepare for the worst case scenarios.
A thoroughgoing pessimist.
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I'm a realist, although some people see me as a pessimist because I like to take both positive and negative outcomes in considerating when approaching a problem or other things.
About life in general, very optimistic. But when it comes to people, I'm the most pessimistic pessimist to ever pessimist.
Optimist for people as they sometimes tell me. But pessimist if I judge myself.
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I would say I have a bith of both, once I come up with a 'plan' for something, I make sure I have the initial powerful optimism, (while still being aware of what could happen). And after I spend a while working on my plan, the negativity starts to arise, and I use that to make my view of the plan more realistic. I use my negativity and optimism as some sort of 'drive', so that I in theory end up with a (more) realistic plan.
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