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I haven't found any threads typing "Are You Being Served?" characters, just a single Typo Central post in the middle of a typing-characters-on-ye-olde-British shows thread. Thought I'd open a discussion and hopefully someone's heard of it/will give it a shot. Here's are some quick guesses:

Department Floor
Mr. Humphries: ENFP
Mrs. Slocombe: ESTJ
Mrs. Brahms: ESFP
Mr. Lucas: ESTP
Mr. Grainger: ISTJ
Mr. Goldberg: ENFJ
Mr. Tebbs: ESTJ
Mr. Spooner: ISxP
Captain Peacock: ESTJ
Mr. Rumbould: ISTJ

Mr. Mash: ESTP
Mr. Harman: ENTP or ExFJ? He comes across as more playful and less antagonistic than Mr. Mash.

The Grace Brothers
Young Mr. Grace: ENFJ
Old Mr. Grace: ESTP

ESTJ; LSE; 3w4; Sp/Sx
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Wrong section to do this in.
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