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Patriotic: having or expressing devotion to and vigorous support for one's country.

Please use this definition as reference. This is a poor attempt at an experiment to see whether there's a correlation between the types and patriotism. For those of you whom have answered yes: please state your type, country of support and cultural background.
I straddle INTJ/INFJ and often come out INTP or INTp (last one being Socionics):

I voted "Not patriotic."

Put someone in pain, need, in front of me--literally or close enough, and if I got something I can give, I'll do it--don't care what your country of origin is, your politics, et cetera. It's that simple for me.

I support the troups but not the wars--something most patriotic people don't seem to understand: How is that possible...

I don't think it's my ethnic mix that accounts for it: German; French; Irish; Cherokee... because I have relatives, acquaintances, neighbors with the same or similar enough backgrounds who are gun-ho, go colonize the world, put a Starbucks and McDonald's, U.S. soldiers on every corner of every city on the globe if they don't tow our political line, or won't give us access to their oil, diamonds, et cetera.

I experienced being an outcast in America, and I watched the immigrants all around me being treated the same, then so many going on to treat blacks and Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Cantonese Chinese (a few examples) with the same contempt shown them.

I read about how our country was founded, "and" I read about how most others were too, which means the same or similar enough to America's formation and growth, so I was a young skeptic; I suppose now I'm an old one.

That said, if some hate group--don't care what they call themselves--comes to "kill infidel Americans" I'll fight 'em with whatever I got. I don't think of that as contradictory, anarchistic or any other 'ism or 'ist:

It's fighting destruction however I can, and I'm not alone in this:

Save the cants and rants for someone else; I have too much life experience to be pulled in by red, white, blue, purple... or some other colorful political salad.
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