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I did a small painting on gold leaf. I'm not very happy with it--It was challenging to go so small for me and I think the composition is kind of bad. There's not a lot of contrast in the face.

I am going to add to it to test out what the transparent colors look like on gold.


By the time I was done with the face I just wanted to get the flowers out of the way and did them in like a half hour. It's supposed to be someone smelling the flowers but it looks like crap imo.

I tried to do light applying from sunlight on the cheeks and nose, which didn't work. It's hard enough to get the form down but that kind of surface light texture is beyond me.

But I think letting go of the idea that this could be some nice picture will also allow me to use it to experiment--like with more transparent colors on the gold, I wonder what will happen.

Because I started the underpainting with burnt sienna and it was surprisingly transparent.

I also usually like the color blue against yellow--so I think I might prefer to see blues against gold rather than pinks.

I am not into the gold frame thing. So it will be interesting to add more color and use it more as an experiment then as I was hoping--that it could be something presentable that I could give to my dad.

Plus, tbh, I had thought "girl smelling flower" seems like an innocent enough thing, but it turned out seeming more sensual to me. So not the ideal gift for my dad--though he is always pleased, but I want to figure out a painting he would really want. I'll know it when it happens.

This time I bothered to sketch it out and be conscious of the composition, and it didn't turn out like I'd imagined. : / w/e you live you learn. lol

I also kept messing with the attempt at light on the face (supposed to be on nose and cheek--next to eye).

And looking at the first one compared to the later ones here, I think maybe I shouldn't have kept messing with it. I should practice that--trying to do the dappled light texture.

I also kept messing with the eyelashes and the upper upper nose/forehead part. And the eyelashes looks better in the first photo too imo. I guess I can just mess with it all more and eventually I will learn something. Maybe I will keep trying to work on it and use another board to experiment with color.





The reference photo was from Pexels photographer Min An.

And also Valeriia Miller

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I decided to try glazing (pretty sure you are not supposed to do it like this since it was so wet it started dripping color down from her mouth etc.)

I wonder how long it will take to dry--probably months. I used what I thought would be transparent colors--permanent carmine and manganese blue and viridian. And I just let myself mess around. I also even glazed some white, though not sure if white really makes sense as a glaze.

I think glazes are supposed to be thinner.

Idk. The blue didn't show up that much. I want to try putting glazes on another painting but I'm going to take more time and be less drastic about it and maybe it will dry faster.


The flash shows a little bit more of the green and blue--I wonder how it looks when it dries (if it ever dries).

And here--I bought a varnish so I could seal the other gold leaf. AND IT TARNISHED IT ALL. I'm really kind of irritated because I have no other use for the varnish than this. I'm sure it can come in handy some other day.

Gilding is turning out to be more difficult and I should probably put it on the back burner again until I can figure out something that will seal the leaf to paint on. I guess something called GAC 200 will work. Some people say shellac will be okay. Idk. There are ways to paint and then apply gold leaf. There are ways to only apply gold leaf to some parts of the painting (instead of painting on it like I did above. But it will still end up needing to be sealed at the end.

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