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Scale 1: Intolerance of Abstraction
Your score was 36.

Scale 2: Preference for Photorealism
Your score was 43.

Scale 3: Masculinity-Femininity
Your score was 57.

Abstract art, second to what is called "painterly", is a preference for what I like, and used to paint. My third favorite is culturally rich black-n-white photography.

So, I didn't learn anything new, not even that I scored higher than the mid-line for masculine compared to feminine.

My concession to femininity is coordinating my clothes by color and shade, but then again, so does my husband.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The "abstracts" were blurry blobs, no Kandinsky, for instance. I recognized Turner and many others' work, which may have something to do with how quickly I could choose on many, left/right/neither--quickly.

I had a lot of "neither" because the choices were rather horrid in many cases for "in your face woman staring at herself" vs. unbalanced, blurry blob, aka (to tester) "abstract".

I was done in five minutes, perhaps six minutes.

Cultural relativity isn't "a thing"; it matters. I have an art history and practical background in the area represented--and thankfully, better work to choose from for study or influence with my own execution.
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