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At first, I didn't have any interest in her,
she didn't have this.. sparkling charms some young girls seem to have.
She has been more like a traditional, docile, calm girl.
(I am Asian and live in an Asian country, English is not my first lang)
A kind that would most likely be the typical feminine, womanly(?) wife.

And she showed interest in me quite explicitly, (as much as ISFJ can do)
but after some years of living abroad and getting exposed to many types of so called western girls,
she didn't appear to be attractive at all at first. And I didn't show any kind of interest, just normal greetings
and how-are-yous.

But as time goes on and as I settle more and more in my hometown,
I kind of regret not showing enough interest, it feels like I'm very slowly falling in love(or crush)
I increasingly like her feminine way of talking, walking and her gentle smiles.

And yet she seems to be falling out of it for some reason, maybe I took too much time.
I didn't know I would come to like a SJ, but I do.
Especially her kind, warm attitude is quite something I've never encountered before
in most young girls around me.

So as a timid, not-so-outgoing, typical INTP guy like me,
what methods would be recommendable in putting her heart back where it was?

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I'm not a girl but definitely an ISFJ so I can say that maybe having a bit of personal interest in her and her activities, showing her that you feel you care and if she does anything for you, show a good deal of appreciation. If you want her to have some form of contact with you, just ask her to help with something you think she is good at, ISFJ's love helping others, especially ones those that they care for.

We ISFJ's like to feel appreciated and we like to help others in general.
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